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#60554 by mrackoff
Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:48 pm
For the last year I owned an Ooma hub and Scout and have been very happy. I use a Google Voice number for my business and all inbound calls route from Google Voice to my Ooma number. For outbound calling, I have been able to dial from the contact list maintained at Google Voice which dials my Ooma number and connects me to customers after I answer my phone. This worked great until I decided to upgrade to the Telo believing that the swap would be transparent. First I found out that the scout was not compatible and would no longer work, and oh by the way, my free handset would not be delivered due to production issues. However, I ordered another handset from which arrived in two days and moved forward.

Now I can no longer dial from Google Voice to connect to customers, a process that worked with the older hub and presented by Google Voice # as the caller ID. If I try this now, I pick up my phone, it rings out once and then goes dead. Any ideas on how to make this relay work?

I also tried configuring Google Voice Extensions and followed every step in the Knowledgebase article but my outbound calls are not displaying my Google number to customers. Is this working for anyone?

Lastly, I tried adding a device twice so that I could assign a personal phone number and the process just appears to hang and never respond.

I did attempt to get help from Customer Service and after a 30 minute wait was connected, only to get disconnected 10 minutes into our conversation, barely enough to answer security questions. The rep did not call me back. I tried to call again, and was put into the holding queue only to be disconnected after 20-30 minutes.

Can these issues be corrected? Should I consider rolling back to the hub and scout? Is it possible to roll back? Any assistance would be appreciated.
#60808 by nn5i
Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:18 pm
I have dialed outbound through Google Voice; the Caller ID at the receiving end displayed the correct Google Voice number and "Dallas call". I did this test from my Telo, no problems.
#60810 by southsound
Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:38 pm
I've been using GV for over a year - first with my ooma hub and then a few months ago I moved to the Telo. I have been using GV "naked" because I really didn't find any advantage to using Google Voice Extensions and they require a Google Voice Virtual Number - that would either cost me every month (bleh) or replace my second ooma number (can't happen).

I have had no problems using my Telo with naked GV and just did some testing to make sure things hadn't changed. Calls could be made using my computer and the GV contacts list from any of my forwarded phones and caller ID showed up properly. If you are getting problems and no longer have GVE enabled, I would make a report to Google Voice on their call problem spreadsheet.
#61568 by mrackoff
Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:50 am
Thanks for your feedback "southbound"! Ooma techs could not solve my issue and did not even continue to return calls, but knowing that it was working for you I tried a test which corrected the problem. This is the change that I made: In Google Voice I was forwarding to the additional phone number that I created when I set up my Ooma account over a year ago. This worked fine with the old hub but not with the Telo. I switched the forwarding number to use the original land line that was ported over to Ooma and all is working now. I hope that this note helps others who might have this issue. :)

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