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#59908 by tkpiehl
Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:38 am
My Ooma works perfectly except for this odd issue. While at home, I hear my phone ring once. That's it. If I pick up: dial tone. If I don't, it won't ring a second time. Caller ID says "Unknown." Calls are not going to voicemail, as I can call my number (from my cell phone, or other land line, for example) and rings normally -- either being picked up or going to voicemail after 4 rings. The stranger thing is, all thses calls come at some multiple of a half-hour increment, exactly. For example, this morning, calls were at 1:22, 1:52, 2:22, 2:52, 3:22, 5:52, 6:22, 7:22, 7:52, 10:52 and then 2:22 PM. No pattern that I can see.

The calls do not happen when I have my phone plugged into my land line (which I have plugged in for incoming calls until I get a local DID).

How do I make them stop?

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