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#59826 by bmccollum
Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:55 am
Long story short is that my wife & I purchased the Ooma Telo a week or so ago, we're about 5-6 days away from the finalization of the porting of our long-standing AT&T home phone # to the Ooma Telo, and thus far, we're complaint-free regarding our experience with the service.

My parents are considering getting the Ooma Telo as well, but they're understandably wanting to try out the device at least a little bit with their DSL modem / router at their house to see if the speed / quality / etc. seems like it would be o.k. in their house.

My question is as follows... if I unplug our Ooma Telo and take it to their house, should it function just fine by plugging it into their DSL modem or wireless router and letting them make a few calls during a portion of a day? I haven't seen any other posts or info. relating to whether or not you can just disconnect the Ooma Telo from a broadband connection in one house and move it to another broadband connection in another residence for someone to try it out for a few calls, or if the device somehow is specifically "tied into" having to remain connected to the original DSL modem / router / residence in order to function.

Thanks for any input on this!
#59828 by murphy
Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:07 am
You can move it anywhere that you want to, even to another country.
Back feeding house wiring is a special case when DSL is involved.
Just connect a phone to it's phone port for the test.
#59830 by dsinternet
Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:12 am
I have moved my Ooma to other locations and it works fine. Unplug it and take it to your parents house and plug it back into their network. I would plug it into the back of their wireless router. That is what I do when I visit my parents (5 hours drive time away). It normally takes my Telo about 1 or 2 minutes to start working after you plug it in again. I think its a great idea for them to give it a "Test drive" using your Telo.
Side notes: I have the Telo handset and find it handy when I travel. I unplug my Telo unit. Take the battery out of my Telo handset. Move the Telo unit and handset to the new location. Put the Telo handset battery back in. Plug in the Telo unit, and within minutes my phone system is up and running.
Another side note: I have an Ipod Touch with the Ooma App and can make free (250 minutes per month with Premier) while I am at a coffee house that has wireless access. (Please note that you can't receive calls using the Ipod App, yet)

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