Hub continuously cycles through restarts

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Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by oomax » Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:52 pm

My Ooma nightmare continues. Hopefully some experienced people on these forums can give me suggestions for a fix. The first time I setup the new Hub it took 15+ minutes to get a blue light. Once it was blue it worked but had some voice quality problems and echoing. While working through QOS changes with Ooma support they had me reboot my cable modem, Ooma and router. My setup is modem > Ooma > router.

During the first reboot last week after a QOS change the Ooma didn't get a blue light until several unplugging & re-settings (by request of support) of the modem & hub over an hour long support call. I'd guess around 45 minutes of cycling to get a blue light.

Today I had echo again and the support personnel had me change the QOS then perform a reboot of all devices. This time the Hub cycles through a start-up over and over without ever getting a blue light. After well over an hour on the phone with support who wouldn't connect me to a level 2 support person the problem is still not fixed. Most of that call was spent on hold while the support person read a manual or something. Support did say they saw my device start up properly then restart. They thought I was getting a blue light briefly but I did not, so I am not sure what they see on their end. I even shot a video of the device cycling over and over in case they question my ability to identify the color blue. I am supposed to let the Ooma Hub cycle through its start-up until a level 2 tech calls me in 48 hours. Apparently this will give them more information on my Hub. I just think they don't have level 2 support working on weekends. The Hub has been cycling nonstop for half a day now.

I've unhooked the router so now I only have the modem > Ooma. I briefly hooked up my computer to the modem to make sure it is working & online. I've never had a problem with the modem or Internet connection so I don't think that's the problem. Everything else works except the Ooma. I have the Ooma plugged into its own wall outlet so there is no power strip or other device that could be interrupting the power supply.

My Internet connection is very fast and tests well on all the VoIP test web sites. The Ooma support staff has mentioned on both calls how fast my connection is and how its not the problem.

The cycling of the Hub is as follows:
- Yellow Ooma tab
- Red buttons cycle fast from right to left
- Ooma tab turns red
- Red buttons cycle slowly from top to bottom row
- Buttons go dark & Ooma tab blinks red
- Ooma tab goes solid red
- Cycle starts over from the top
After a few cycles the entire device goes dark for a few seconds before starting over again.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can try to get the Ooma online? Do I have a defective Hub?

If Ooma sends me a replacement Hub, will I get a refurb or a new one?
If Ooma sends out refurbs I'd rather just return this Ooma to the store for a new one. Or maybe leave Ooma all together after all these problems & subpar support. Even if I get this Hub working I am not sure I can trust this particular Hub to replace my landline.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by Groundhound » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:09 pm

If you've not already done so, from your computer connected to the Hub's "home network" port, go to and then to the Network page. Change "Network Connection" to Dynamic(DHCP) and also change "MODEM Port MAC Address" to "Use Built in" and click Update. Power off the Hub & modem, then reboot your modem, then your Hub.

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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by oom101 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:25 am

As he was saying, unplug the modem and Ooma and unplug anything from the home port on the Ooma. Also make sure that if the Ooma is plugged into any home wiring that there are no old transformers on the line, and that the line is disconnected from the phone company line at a junction or in an outside box. Actually just unplug it from Ooma for now.

Let modem and Ooma sit 60 seconds with power off.
Plug the modem power in, and wait for modem to completely sync and go green. This might take a couple of minutes. Then plug the Ooma power in. I
f the Ooma doesn't work, then perform any reset function that they said to do on the Ooma, and wait minutes for it to do its thing. Only after it is working, plug the PC into the home port. Probably should power off PC first, also.

If that doesn't work, do the settings that the previous poster said, before powering down everything, and repeating the sequence. Good Luck!
P.S. If you have cable modem or Uverse, you might want to go to advanced and set QOS for Down to 0, and UP also to 0,
if your connection seems to be slowing down when using the Ooma.

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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by oomax » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:07 am

Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately they did not work. They were similar to what support had me try countless times. I retried them again today without success.

I was not able to go to or ( never worked for me but worked in the past). The device continually cycles through a power-up so it never stays on long enough to broadcast its configuration site.

The Ooma did work last week with no network slow down so changing the QOS on the modem now shouldn't be what is stopping the Ooma from powering up today. The only thing that changed from last week when Ooma worked to this week is the Ooma continues to reboot.

Even if I had a bad network (network is working perfectly) the Ooma should power up and give one of the error code lights for bad network. My Ooma just cycles through the power up continuously. You should be able to plug the Ooma in to a wall with no other cords and it will boot up then give a couple lights as an error code (for no network or some other code). It shouldn't reboot itself nonstop.

After reading these forums there have been other posts like mine with no solution from customers or Ooma employees. Some guess its a bad power supply. Others guess its an incomplete firmware update that has bricked the box. It seems if this happens you are SOL. Lucky for me I am within my 30 days so this box may become someone elses problem very soon.

Anyone know if Ooma replaces Hubs with refurbished units or new ones?

I am still open to suggestions or hearing from anyone at Ooma with a clue how their devices work. Come on Ooma, now is the time to show you know customer support!

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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by southsound » Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:28 pm

oomax wrote: Anyone know if Ooma replaces Hubs with refurbished units or new ones?
I've been told that they have the option to do either. If you bought from a local retailer and are able to return it within the 30 day period without much hassle, then that is what I would do. If there was time, I might also consider buying the new one first so i could just have customer service transfer my number, etc. over the new unit. In other words, I would NOT activate online if I wanted to keep my existing ooma number or if I had started a port. Calling customer support will allow you to transfer that number to the new system - then you can return the defective one.
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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by ntoy » Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:59 am


Your hub is stuck on trying to upgrade the firmware. Your case is CS-54295. The ticket is set to send out a replacement unit. As mentioned by Southhound, you have a choice to return to the retailer(according to their terms) or to us(within the one year warranty period).

If you choose to return to your retailer, please contact our support team as soon as possible referencing the case above & to have the RMA cancelled.

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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by oomax » Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:13 pm

Earlier today after reading the above message I contacted support to cancel the RMA. I was informed a refurbished unit would have been sent out as a replacement. Support also cancelled my number port which was more than two weeks away. The defective Ooma is already in the mail to the online retailer & a replacement Core should arrive in a week.

I appreciate the help from Ooma users, ntoy and Ooma support. I am looking forward to a trouble free Ooma experience in the coming weeks.

If anyone at Ooma reads this I would make one suggestion. Call forwarding when the Ooma is down should be a base feature for all Ooma users. After having a hub that was down for several days before being shipped back to the retailer I can attest that call forwarding is a necessary feature. Given Ooma support is only available during certain hours a problem can persist for some time before being fixed. Had I completed my number port I would currently be without home phone service for the last 3+ days and possibly for the next week or more. This isn't a feature of convenience, its a necessary feature when a device fails. A customer could be left unable to receive calls at their home number for weeks when a device fails. It seems like a base feature any good VoIP should supply to all its customers.

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Re: Hub continuously cycles through restarts

Post by feartheturtle » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:05 am

Yes oomax, I have to agree with your last statement. There has been much discussion about the "Call Forward on Network Outage" feature, and even some indication that it might move to basic tier. I think that would be the correct move for Ooma to make. However, we will continue to pay the premier rate, primarily for the blacklist feature. The charge for premier is really a small price to pay considering how much the Telco's are willing to charge you for each added feature. And for many people that use multi-ring, call screening, and other features it is a great deal.

For more reading on the "Call Forward on Network Outage" topic see this link

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