Telo Handset Battery or other Power Issue

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Telo Handset Battery or other Power Issue

Post by jfl » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:53 pm

I've been an Ooma user for about 1 month. I started out with the Ooma Telo and one
Telo handset. I received a second handset as incentive for establishing a one year contract.

Beginning after the first 24 hrs, after fully charging my purchased handset in its cradle, my phone mysteriously just shut itself off and I was unable to power it back on without replacing it in the cradle. While in the cradle it was possible to power the phone on and see that its settings had been retained, but within seconds of removing it from the cradle the screen just blanked out again as if it turned off. It was acting as though the battery or some circuit malfunctioned and complete discharged.

I recharged it again for about 24 hours. I fortunately do not use the telephone very much, so it was no issue to just recharge it. I called Telo customer service and they simply said nobody else had reported an issue with the handset and to try recharging it. They suggested that perhaps the contacts on the charging cradle had not made good contact with their counterparts on the phone. Anyway, problem seemed to be cleared up as I used the phone to make short phone calls over an period of about 8 hrs during which I left the phone off the cradle to see how it held a charge. Seemed OK.

Placed it back on the charging base as that is the most convenient place to leave it. No issues for a few days. Used the phone again for short calls and, again, no issues. Put it on charger next day found phone off and completely discharged exactly as occurred in the 1st instance.

Received the 2nd handset from Telo and plugged it in, full charge, good download, activation, and connection. Two or three days later noticed this handset was also now off and behaving exactly the same as the one that I had purchased. I cannot tell if this is a battery issue and charging cradle issue or what.

I have just returned the handset I purchased it as my 30-day return period was almost expired and I surely did not want to have to start dealing with mailing phones back and forth to Ooma Service if that is what ends up happening.

Has anybody experienced this situation with their handsets? And, no, it is not the power outlets into which I've plugged the cradles as I had each handset plugged into a different outlet and I have other items plugged in to the outlet plate with the original purchased handset. So, I know it is not a home power issue.

Any resolutions attained or folks with similar issues would be good to hear about. I'm pretty disappointed. Also, speakerphone quality is poor on my end and was reported by my work group to be very poor on their end of a phone conference.

Can anybody help out?

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Re: Telo Handset Battery or other Power Issue

Post by Leester » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:13 am

I have had this issue twice. Ooma sent me a new battery but once and a while I still have this issue. Each time the charge light was on the handset and the handset base.

The issue has existed in the past, you should search for the topic on here. Ooma tech support is very well aweare of the issue.

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Re: Telo Handset Battery or other Power Issue

Post by bw1 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:05 am

I keep the handsets in their charging cradles because the batteries don't last long. Also, you need to make sure that it's making a good connection with the blue light on the cradle lit and the charging indicator on the handset "flashing" (unless the battery is fully charged).

I've found the handsets locked up or powered off with the battery dead once in a while in the past, but it's gotten better with the newer firmware revisions.

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Re: Telo Handset Battery or other Power Issue

Post by starfoxACEFOX » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:34 am


Same thing is happening to me, I just got my Telo Handset 2 days ago. I think Telo Handset is junk, they need give us second line without having this handset. Well back to the store for other one.


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Re: Telo Handset Battery or other Power Issue

Post by whcinc » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:04 am

I have just experienced this very thing. In addition to the phone shutting down, it also got REALLY hot. Ooma support is sending me a new phone. In the meantime, I place the other handset I used to call Ooma in the cradle of the defective handset. OOPs. This other phone also shutdown. I removed and replaced the batter and placed it on its correct charger. But I wonder if the problem is with the charging station - not the phone. Anyone else have a similar experience (the base station thing and the hotness)?

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