Integrate your Cell Phone w/Ooma line for $41 shipped

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Integrate your Cell Phone w/Ooma line for $41 shipped

Post by Lilly's_Closet » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:47 am

As many of you are aware the USB Bluetooth Dongle is not available for the Core users, and initial reviews from the telo users have mostly been negative. Well here is a better alternative for around the same price. I have had a set in use prior to getting ooma and I would say that it’s worked very well for me. Since getting ooma I have had the same results, my only complaint is that its very couple of months I have to restart the unit so that it automatically pairs to both my cell phones.

I have distributed dial tone throughout my house so this puppy is just plugged into phone jack it gives me access to both my cell phones and the distributed omma. As a bonus, it will improve the range of your cell phone. My cell phone coverage was very spotty around my house…not anymore I just found the spot that had the best coverage and put the main unit there. Since the base station is also the transmitter if feeds its phones and so it doesn’t matter where I am in the house now I get the same quality of signal strength as I would if I were standing in the sweet spot.

Don’t have distributed dial tone throughout your house, well this would be the perfect accompaniment to the scout that you said you are never going to use. Below is the best deal and you must sign up from their newsletter to be able to use the coupon. I paid about 99 bucks for it last year and I have seen it recently between 59-89 bucks, but the deal below is the lowest i have every seen it. I ended up picking up another set just so i would have a back up or gift for somone.

When i originally posted this on 06/18/2010 you could add 98 of them to your cart, I tried today 06/19/2010 and i could only add 25 so they are selling fast. Enjoy

Please note that there are other venders that provide the same product with additional features like passing you address book. But this is the best one at this price point.

Newegg has the Panasonic KX-TH1212B Bluetooth DECT 6.0 Phone System for $59 - $20 off with coupon code PHONE6172 [Exp 6/23] + $3 shipping = $41 shipped. Expandable Link-to-Cell system allows you to connect the handsets to your cell phone via Bluetooth (includes two handsets).

Link to the deal don't forget the coupon coder ... 6876101282



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