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#57433 by Davesworld
Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:38 pm
After contacting Ntoy and then him forwarding my email to someone in charge of ports and then having CallCentric resubmit the request, I am set for the 10th as the porting date. I'll know for sure when the 10th has come and gone.
#57478 by Davesworld
Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:52 pm
I still do not know whether it was an aberration or not. Norman referred me to a person involved with provisioning and this person told me exactly which mailing address to have CallCentric re-send the LNP request to and to request an EGAIN number. I just got word yesterday from CallCentric that I'm supposed to port out on the 10th. The real test when you port is on incoming calls as only one CLEC can have a DID at any given time but it may still be possible to call outbound on my Ooma HUB at that time. I'll see later Thursday which one rings when I call it.

I didn't get which name but if Ooma does their port in requests in batches, Ooma ends up with their name on it as well. One person from another ITSP suggested that if all else failed, resubmit with mine and Ooma's name on it.

For Reference LNP Requests should go to:

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