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#55769 by bubba715
Mon May 17, 2010 11:56 am
there this girl i just want to be friend with, but she call me every night,

im a nice guy, so i don't want to hurt her feeling so i talk to her

but i don't want to talk to her anymore and afraid to comfronth her, cuz she seem like the type that would hurt herself if i tell it straight

so i just want to block her number instead
#55773 by southsound
Mon May 17, 2010 12:16 pm
Like answered above, if you have Premier, you can blacklist her number. You access it through after logging in.

One concern (totally non-ooma related) is your comment: "she seem like the type that would hurt herself if i tell it straight"

Do you have any friends in common? If so, then maybe one of them could act as a bridge between the two of you - helping her to understand that you like her as a casual friend and no more. Maybe there is someone she has introduced you to who could speak into her life or at least watch for signs of trouble. Since you are concerned about her hurting yourself I assume you have knowledge of her mental state. I think she might react just as badly if you just blacklisted her. When she finds out what you have done, she might still act out on the situation - it's just that you would not know about it. In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss. I speak from experience as a recovery pastor and counselor.
#55774 by lbmofo
Mon May 17, 2010 12:24 pm
I was gonna revisit this thread; southhound shares the same concerns.

If you are going to use the blacklist feature, "sending to voicemail" maybe a better option to start off with if you had to.

BTW, ooma might consider updating the outdated blacklist video here:
#55789 by lbmofo
Mon May 17, 2010 2:41 pm
Yes, those intros are nicely done. Dennis P and that gal (sorry, don't know the name) have good chemistry in them videos.

I guess the outdated tutorials can be used as reference but the UI is so different now... but well done in any case by Bobby B and Dennis P.

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