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#54742 by TheMouse
Tue May 04, 2010 2:02 pm
So I am the owner of TWO OOMA Premium accounts. I wanted to port numbers from my previous carriers over to my OOMA accounts. One went through perfectly fine. The other.. welll....

So my previous carrier is verizon. I submitted all the paperwork to OOMA first week of March, and weeks went by and they told me that they needed another copy of my bill. I sent them another copy. They indicated that there was a problem on Verizon's end and they weren't allowing the number to be ported. I called verizon, Verizon said the number was already ported over on March 22, and they no longer have access to the number. I've called OOMA several times, and they keep telling me they will look into it and call me back. I never get a call from them. Each time they tell me the same thing. It has been 2 months without my phone number Verizon says it was successfully ported out while OOMA says it was not. I am so lost here.

Ticket #: LEC40523

Thank you.
#54746 by southsound
Tue May 04, 2010 2:36 pm
Some of the ooma moderators browse the forum but I would like to suggest that you take a more proactive approach. One of the great people from ooma - ntoy, (Norman Toy) has helped many folks who seem to be at a loss for where to go. Find his profile by going to Members - right now his name is on the third page but it will change over time. Click on his name to bring up his profile then click on the little envelope to open up a mail window to him. Post the same information to his email plus anything else you feel might help. I'm sure he'll get things straightened out!
#55561 by TheMouse
Fri May 14, 2010 1:00 pm

I emailed Norm as some folks suggested. He was very helpful and told me that the number is not hitting the OOMA network and I should contact Verizon to look into it. He also indicated that the phone number appears disconnected.

I contacted Verizon, and they told me that the phone number was ported out to a VOIP company and that it looks like it was "Vocal Communications". They also indicated that OOMA might be affiliated with "Vocal Communications". Anyways, Verizon basically told me that my request to OOMA to port my number out resulted in it being ported out and they no longer have access to the status of the number. I have received my final bill from Verizon. They told me to contact OOMA and have them look into fixing the port, as everything looks good from Verizon's side.

Ugh, so frustrating! I don't know who "Vocal Communications" is. This his a phone number we had with Verizon since 1981 and never had another provider with other than OOMA.

I don't know what to do here... I've literally been on the phone with these companies a dozen times! being tossed back and forth.

I emailed an update to Norm a few minutes ago... we'll see how it goes.

I am really trying to be patient here, but I requested the port in early March and it is now mid May.

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