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#52392 by syculmaun
Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:38 am
At the beginning of January I requested to have my Verizon number ported to Ooma. The port was to take place on March 3rd On that date I recieved an email from Ooma stating the port had gone through. Soon after this people started calling me on my cell phone saying that when they called my home number they were getting my old Verizon voice mail not my Ooma home phone (I cancelled my Verizon phone the day of the port, so I thought) . Long story short , Verizon says that the port request had been cancelled on Febuary 16th and that Verizon still owned the number and was using it as my dsl account number. I have seperated that number from my dsl against the advice of verizon . Verizon said that the number would be lost to me if I did that, but I felt it was safe because Ooma has assured me several times that they have the number. It is now April 6th and this is what is happening , some of my calls go to my Ooma system and some of my calls go to Verizon where they get a (this line has been disconected message) . When I tell Ooma about this they contact thier third party porting company , who then calls me and figures everything is ok because they got through, but most local people cannot call me. I'm not sure what to do? I paid to have this number ported and I still have two companys claiming they have the rights to it. While I"m missing calls.
#52395 by murphy
Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:46 am
Verizon still owns the number and always will. They have not properly configured their call routing tables to send the call to Ooma. If you know someone that is still on Verizon and can't call you, have them complain to Verizon that they can't complete a call to a known working number.
#52761 by syculmaun
Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:23 am
It is difficult to get people to complain for me becausee I am the only person they can't reach and it is such a pain to do.
I have filed several complaints with the FCC , Massachusetts Attorney General, And several Media consumer advocacy people. If this does not work I am going to just ask Ooma for my porting fee back and have them generate a new number for me. Also Charter high speed internet will be my new isp, BYE-BYE Verizon
#53504 by syculmaun
Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:32 am
Ha Ha Ha! I have succeded ! After writing to the FCC the attorney General and the President of Consumer Affairs at Verizon, They have finaly removed my number from thier data base so that my calls are coming through thier routing systems. But now the calls are not being recored in my Ooma (call logs), But thats not a biggie. :P

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