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#52236 by matt100
Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:13 pm
I have been experiencing an issue with my Telo ever since they tried to roll out the 35170 upgrade. I bought new in December 2009. My Telo (Ooma logo) is flashing red, and the only other button lit is the stop key. I called into support, and they had me do a factory reset to no avail. I tried several times; each time the same result. I get the same exact lights (flashing red logo, lit stop button). I was assigned a case number and told it would be assigned to level two support. I confirmed a callbak with level two support for the next day. I waited for two hours and never received a call. I have since then called in three times, and have gotten the multiple apologies from the first line CS reps, and they promised a level two support person would call back. Its been over two weeks and nothing. I called today and asked for a new Telo with an RMA for the old one, but was told I had to talk to a level two support person before they would issue an RMA. I requested a same day callback, and I explained to them that no one calls back. Guess what? No callback. I have also tried multiple solutions from the support forums with no luck. Has anyone had success expediting a call back from these people? Or getting an RMA? Suggestions would be appreciated.
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#52686 by Hollywood
Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:56 pm
that is sad. my friends went bad also and an RMA was approved, but 24 hours later he called and nothing was shipped or processed (the rep called higher up on this). 36 hours, still no email conformation that a replacement was shipped. all indications are that this company wants to do a good job, but I think they are having more problems then they are able to handle, especially with the over seas tech support, but if they provide free ongoing service, they really do have to watch their costs.

I hope they ship my friends replacement soon and that Ooma succeeds as a company as the phone service for me is as good as any I had and I don't have a monthly bill. luckily most of us have cell phones as backup so we can tolerate a few obstacles, as long as in the long run that things work.

these forums are great as several moderators are employees of ooma and take care of some of the issues posted here.

good luck getting back up and running!
#53427 by matt100
Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:56 am
I called again ten days ago and spoke to regular CS. They told me second level support was working on the issue. I was promised a callback and a follow up email within one day. Received NEITHER. This is getting ridiculous.

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