beware before get service from OOMA

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beware before get service from OOMA

Post by abdusazad » Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:00 pm

From my experience
1) When use OOMA international prepaid calling or International bundle:
If you dial for any call or especially international calling, the minutes start counting from the moment you start dialing, no matter it’s being connected at destination party or not or even no one answer the phone at destination end and you disconnected call within first, second, third ring. In this case at least two minutes charging like 23x2=46 cents. OOMA customer service says: that is the rules for OOMA where I never seen any other carriers doing that. All other carriers only were counting minutes when phone line connected or start conversation on both end.

2) OOMA blocking to call internationally if you use calling card or third party to connect international call, Let say if you call from OOMA home phone to local Gtalks number to connect the international call. In this case, you (from OOMA home phone) dial to Gtalks local phone to connect to Gtalks local phone, from Gtalks local number asking you to provide international number to connect international destination (Gtalks is third party international call provider). Once you provided destination number as per Gtalk local phone, In this case always some messages comes up as:
The destination party not answering your call or destination part not reachable or you dial the wrong number, whereas if you use cell phone (T-mobile) and dial the same destination number from cell phone to Gtalks local number and Gtalks local number routing that call to destination party, it’s successful and you connect immediately with out any hassle. What wonder business model is this by OOMA????
3) OOMA online account webpages is very slow and buggy, some time work but most time not as supposed to be.
4) Also most time voice quality is very bad in the other hand, though you hear very clear but other party not always get good voice quality.
5) If you calling OOMA customer service for any help, either they blame your internet service provider or give some excuses or provide some wrong information and try to get rid from you and saying that, oh I didn’t hear you clearly, you need to call back in an hour and so. Too bad…isn’t?

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Re: beware before get service from OOMA

Post by lchan » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:15 am

I cannot comment on your other points except

2. I used localphone for all my international calls. I have not had any problem. I do not believe Ooma intentionally force people to use their International calling plan.

4. I also do not have any problem with Ooma voice quality, both directions. Normally, poor or choppy quality heard from the other side is caused by you not having enough upstream bandwidth.

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Re: beware before get service from OOMA

Post by DTMF » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:28 am

abdusazad wrote:Also most time voice quality is very bad in the other hand, though you hear very clear but other party not always get good voice quality.
It's ridiculous to generalize about voice quality in a VoIP service, because the biggest factor in voice quality is a factor that the VoIP service doesn't control... namely your Internet connection!

It's sort of like saying that you shouldn't bother to drink Folger's coffee because Folger's coffee is never hot like coffee should be. The Folger's people have no control over the temperature at which you serve their coffee and the Ooma people have no control over the bandwidth, latency and jitter of the Internet pipe that you connect their device to.
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Formerly employed at another VoIP company.
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