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#51820 by randyg777
Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:04 am
Hope someone can answer my questions....I have Uverse interent/tv. I've had Ooma for about 6 months (ported my home # and no longer have a land line for several months). I would like to hook-up the device to my home phone in order to connect phones in different rooms using other jacks. Right now, I'm using a phone that has four handsets connected directly to the Ooma device, but would still like to connect another phone in another room. My question is this....will the connection of Uverse cause any issues with the phone lines? I know that Uverse uses the phone lines from the curb to the house. Is there anything I have to do specifically so I don't damage my unit? Or, can I just connect to one of the phone jacks and it will work? I'm not sure how this works based-on the limited instructions supplied. I know they ran additional wire to my modem fro initial hook-up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
#51852 by mthomtech
Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:11 pm
I'm not completely sure with Uverse, but I have Verizon FiOS, and I thought Uverse (like FiOS) uses a fiber optic line from the curb to the house ... not the phone line. I don't think you should have anything coming in on your phone line.

As to activating your other jacks. If your phone wiring is hooked together as it should be (at a junction box or star wired) then you'll just need to plug the Ooma phone port into a wall jack, and the other jacks should be active with the dial tone.

If you want to keep your cordless base there with the Ooma, just use a splitter on the Ooma phone port with one split going to the cordless base and the other split to the wall jack.

When you activate the house wiring, it is best that no signal is coming in onto your phone lines, which brings us back to your original thought.
#51955 by randyg777
Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:51 am
Thank you for the response. I have some more info for you. ATT ran the fiber lines to the main boxes in the development and then relied upon the existing cat5 wires from the curb to the house. That is what I was told at least and I never saw them run any fiber lines to the house. The installer though for Uverse actually had to run a new line from the box on the side of the house to the phone jack in the house because it wasn't cat5e. It was something less (cat4 I assume but I don't know enough about that to say one way or the other). Cheap builders is what he advised which in a Ryan true. :) In any case, I bet that the jack that I'm using now is not even connected to the rest of the house jacks. I bet he disconnected the other line, ran his new cat5, and only hooked it up for the internet/tv.

I looked at the box briefly last night, but it was late. Only had a minute. There are some disconnected lines in there or appear to be. However, there are a lot of them. The jack itself, the blue and white weren't connected. Looks like only the data lines.

I assume, I could run a line to another jack in my basement and use the splitter idea you mention. I assume that would back-fill all the phone lines with the exception of the new one that was replaced by the ATT installer. Does this sound correct? Do you have any hints/suggestions on telling what is connected in the junction box? Like I said, tehre are wires all over. I could probably figure this out. I have hooked-up new jacks when I finished my basement so I know a little bit. Just not a lot about the main box. Thanks again. rg
#51970 by mthomtech
Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:43 am
I'm not really familiar with how Uverse sets up their installs, but I'd bet that you are correct that they only used the one data line. Your other lines are probably still connected together for phone use.

So I would try connecting Ooma's phone port to one of your other wall jacks to see if that gives you the dialtone on the other jacks. Then you can use the splitter if you still want a phone next to the Ooma.

By the way, do you have the white hub and scout, or the new black Ooma Telo? Just curious on if you have or plan to use the Scout anywhere.
#51974 by JTalbert
Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:11 pm
Let me get what your saying straight... You have a cordless phone hooked up directly to your Ooma, and you want to connect the ooma to your home wiring to power your other jacks so you can hook up other phones in other rooms correct?

As long as you do not have an active line with anyone which you dont. You should be able to plug a phone cable into a jack in your house then the other end into the phone jack in the back of your ooma, then plug your 4 handset cordless phone into another jack in the house, and then you can plug other phones into the other jacks of your house. Ooma is capable of powering the other jacks in your house if you plug your Ooma into a wall jack. It works very well as well.

Hope this answers your question.
#52111 by randyg777
Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:45 pm
I have the newer black telo model. This is what I did and everything is working great!

First, I looked at the wiring in the box and all of the outlet cables are connect to the box outside on the red and green "plugs." There are the red and green u shaped plugs that are not connected. I'm assuming this is how this should be set-up. This means I'm not connected to the phone company in anyway. If someone can verify this...I would appreciate it. Also, ATT hooked-up the new cord to the telco section only. He left the door open so I can see this part. There is a blue and blue/white cable connected on that side that isn't from his plug. I assume those are the old att wires. In any case, I think it is all set with the red and green plugs disconnected from the customer side. All of the house cables remain connected.

Next, I connected the ooma directly to another jack. This powered all of my other jacks in the house and I appear to be all set.

Let me know about the set-up. Want to make sure that is all correct.

Thanks again. Randy
#52115 by mthomtech
Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:20 pm
Great. Sounds like things are set up properly. And since you have Telo, you don't have to worry about the Scouts, so you are good to go.

Just use a splitter on Ooma if you want to add a phone right there with your Telo.


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