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#3117 by connorooma
Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:21 pm
I have premier and want to get a second number. I've tried to get a new number through the lounge but there are never any numbers in my area available (303). I called Tech support and they told me it might take 3 weeks for a number to free up and then it needs to be tested? I find this a little strange as I got a temporary 303 before a successful port but then that number disappeared. Anyone else experience this in an areas where numbers are hard to get?

#4026 by southsound
Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:54 pm
I had a similar problem when I started service. The ooma folks were great about getting me a local number - but you need to realize that it is not as simple as just obtaining the number. Oooma wants to make sure that the number works well. The interfece from the normal telephone (PSTN) system to VOIP is accomplished through a partnership with providers who have varying levels of quality and service. Ooma wants to make sure that your experience is flawless. They have been working with me (and their provider partners) for about a week now to improve the quality of a local number, and I have been amazed at their desire and effort to make things right. I am going to work with them until things are stellar - and I would suggest that you may do well to do the same. Ooma is one of those rare companies who really put the customer first. They may be understaffed because of the rapid expansion from BestBuy and Costco, but when they answer the phone, you are given the very best they can give.

Note: I do not work for ooma (but I think I would enjoy working with a company with their integrity and customer values). ;)
#4029 by jjohnsind
Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:22 pm
I hope ooma makes it as I like my service so far. Currently, though, there are no local numbers left in my area. I can't get a second number, and I can't (won't) get another system for another location (was thinking of buying one for my parents) without a local number. Hope they figure this out cause I doubt they'll sell many more systems without local phone numbers to go along with it. Not all current numbers are port-able so new local numbers are NECESSARY!

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