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Motorola Surfboard SB901 - No Voice Out

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:33 pm
by dplang
Original Post:
Is anyone else experiencing trouble when trying to respond to phone prompts? I'm able to dial a support line, conference line or v-mail. Yet, when the automated attendant asks me to dial a number, it does not recognize it. These are services I called today and navigated fine. My cell phone works using these services, too, so I know it's not the service. Until I saw one other post with a similar issue, I thought it might be the new internet service I received tonight, which is much faster. Also, for the record, all my phones are all tone dial. Fails on the hub and the scout. :-(

Add-On Info:
Well, what I discovered is that the automated attendant prompt issue was only the tip of the iceberg. When I called/received calls from/to POTS, no one could hear me on OOMA. That's why the dial tones were not working with con lines, voice mail, etc. After many frustrating calls to OOMA - since the beginning they have had horrible tech service - and after reading, exploring and experimenting with several OOMA forum ideas, namely opening up ports, I figured out the secret sauce. It appears to be working after changing a basic firewall setting. OOMA told me I should just turn off the modem's firewall since all my computers have firewalls. Laughable! What a bunch of incompetent script monkeys! That only tool 4 or 5 hours to rectify.