Ooma Telo doesn't forward internal port requests properly

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Ooma Telo doesn't forward internal port requests properly

Post by mbehensky » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:38 am

I got my Ooma telo a few weeks ago and am trying to get my home network to operate properly again. My current setup is modem->Telo->router. I have a Comcast cable modem patched into the internet port on my Telo. I have the home port on the Telo hooked to the WAN port on my older Netgear router. The Telo is set up for a Home Address of with a subnet of and I set up the netgear router with a static WAN IP of, a matching subnet, and a gateway and DNS address of The DMZ on the Telo is set to point to the linksys router at, so anything incoming should get forwarded properly to the linsys router and then to my internal servers.

I am running a DDNS client on an internal linux server which updates my external ip address properly. Port forwarding seems to work properly for external requests. If I browse to my DDNS address from an external PC, or with an anonymizer, I get my website properly. If, on the other hand, I just browse to my external IP address from a PC internal to my network, I get the ooma setup page.

The problem isn't limited to http requests either. Other services I've tried work from external connections but not internally. This is more than a minor annoyance; I use a laptop both internally and externally, and this breaks my source code control system. I'm sure it will also prevent some online games from working properly as well. I could maybe work around this by adding a line to my hosts file, but this would have to change depending on where my laptop was plugged in.

The internal port forwarding works properly if I go back to my old configuration of modem->router->Telo but I lose the quality of service control that the modem->Telo->router setup provides.

I know that linux can do this properly, and we know that the Telo is running linux. I had a linux based firewall/router for years that did the appropriate internal-external bounceback. There was a single line in the iptables configuration that turned it on.

I wish that Ooma would fix this. It is particularly irritating when I know that I could probably fix the problem in 5 minutes if I had direct access to the iptables configuration files on the Telo.

I have a potential work around of buying another router and hooking it up like this:
modem->router1->Telo->router2. Hopefully router1 will bounce the internal request back to the Telo, which will see it as an external request and forward it back to router2. This is a somewhat expensive kludge, though. I bought my Ooma to save money on my phone bill, and buying an extra router (and paying for the power to run it forever) is somewhat counterproductive..

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Re: Ooma Telo doesn't forward internal port requests properly

Post by murphy » Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:35 am

The Telo does not support loopback so you can't access an external URL that points back to to your external IP address from within your network.
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