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#47147 by KMac
Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:29 am
I purchased my Ooma Core Dec 18th.
I ordered Premier service and a number port the same day.
At the end of December, I notice that my credit card has been charged 39.99, not the 99.99 I expected.
I call and explain the issue and was told they did not charge me for Premier as I had a free trial in effect. No problem except the price is going up soon, so I ask to be charged the difference of $60 to add the premier to my account now, before the increase.
I am told that cannot be done as it would interfere with the number port process. I would need to pay the $99 now and wait until my port was complete. Ooma would then refund the original $39.99. Sounds good to me.
My number port was completed on 1/19 and I called to get the refund. I was told it could take as long as 10 days to post to my account. No problem.
When the credit does not appear, I call again in February, am told it will be escalated and I should see the credit in 10 days. Frustration level rising.
Today, I call again and am told it has been assigned to a specific person to complete the credit but I am not allowed to speak to or have the name of that person. I am told to call back in 24-48 hours to confirm the credit has been processed.

If it is an easier process to do a chargeback with the credit card company, how can this be called improved customer service? I will not be recommending Ooma products or services to my friends or family.
#47152 by ntoy
Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:04 am

I apologize for the miscommunication in the way your account was handled.

I see in your account that the credit was processed today(2/15).

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