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#46171 by Erin-n-Sam
Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:06 pm
First let me start of by giving a HUGE thank you on behalf of my wife and I to Bryan, who was able to figure out that the problem with my Ooma device was power source related when noone else could, and believe me this ticket saw ALOT of your helpdesk. He figured out a problem, through meticulous trouble shooting, monitoring my line, taking his time , monitoring my signal, asking intelligent questions , and most importantly doing it the right way and coming up with the proper resolution which has worked 100%.

Did I mention that Bryan is level 1 support?

I ran a helpdesk in the 90's.In my experience, these are the kind of people you want on your team.

Now I understand that my issue with the power supply is quite off the wall and I'd be surprised if more than 1 situation like this exists in your databanks. These kinds of problems are the most difficult to solve.

The exact problem was that the power source was knocked partialy off the outlet by my wifes wonderfull cat who loves to hang out behind my desk no matter how many shoes I've thrown at him (just kidding , about it being wonderfull).
However the prongs were still barely in the outlet to give the ooma a perception of being fully powered up.
Infact, I could make outgoing calls anytime with no problems. The incoming calls would sometimes (1 in 4) reset the Ooma device so that the ooma light would go from blue to red when the phone was answered and would proceed to reset itself and turn blue after going through its reset process.

After speaking to countless Ooma support personell(10? 15?), switching modems, waiting on hold for 2.5 hours (saturday), being promised a call back countless times and not getting callbacks half of the time (no names although most of your guys tried their best ) , having a level 3 guy not try very hard at getting in touch with me, going to literally 50x to convince everyone I spoke with that the problem was not my Internet connection, I finally and thankfully got someone with exceptional skill and dogged determination to methodically work this problem out.

Everything said, Ooma is a wonderfull device and I am very happy with it.

Thanks again Bryan, for outstanding work.

Sam .

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