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#44762 by kruegs
Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:05 pm
Silly question. I am enjoying Ooma service, but not customer service. LOL. I went through the process last week of ordering 1 year of Premier w/ a free number port. I see a $39.99 charge already on my Credit Card presumable for the port, however I was expecting to see the $119.99 charge. Should I assume that the web page is hosed and it did not take my premier order, and only processed the port as a standalone transaction? Still scratching my head. I had to call CS last week to give them account information for my port and it was a rough conversation... would prefer not to have to call them on this question. ;)
#44764 by southsound
Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:03 pm
First off, welcome to ooma and to the forums. We're glad you are here and I believe you will find a lot of helpful people here who can help with a multitude of issues. For those cases where the forum cannot help, please don't assume that calling customer service will necessessarily be a painful experience. Many of us have had good results with our calls - but I can assure you that their response to emails is less than poor.

What has probably happened is that the charged you only for the port because you are still under a Premier trial. The balance of the charge will be applied at the end of your trial so you don't lose out on the free part of your Premier experience. But again, this is only another user's opinion, based on what has happened to other users. You might want to call and verify that this is what happened. If you get a clueless person, feel free to ask for a supervisor or call back and get another agent. Since this is not a matter of your system not working, I would not spend more than 5 minutes on hold before hanging up and calling back at another time.

Again, welcome aboard! :cool:
#44784 by kruegs
Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:26 am
Thanks for the response Southsound. I have used these forums extensively for research and have found this community of Ooma users very well equipped to handle most any question. I suspect you are correct, but will call to verify. I will post back when I find!

Thanks for your response again... I enjoy reading your advice and posts on these forums. Mike
#44795 by kruegs
Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:25 am
Alright, as promised... here is the update... called support and waited on hold for a few mins. Not bad considering they just opened on a Monday morning. The lady who answered was very proficient and after I explained that I was expecting to see a charge of $119.99 vs. the $39.99 that did process and was concerned that my 1 year sub did not take for some reason, she was able to look into it and determined that for some reason it was only processed as a number port and nothing more. After a minute on hold to verify, she suggested (and I agreed) to charge the difference of $80 to my CC on file. So, I should be set now. She also verified my estimated number port day and talked with me about that for a minute. All in all, a good experience. Now I will just have to wait for my Premier trial to expire and check back to ensure that my CC doesn't get magically charged again. LOL. Hope this helps someone else who might run into the same thing.

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