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#44263 by gullybr
Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:04 pm
I'm guessing I'm just totally out of luck here given that Ooma's customer service maze is impossible to navigate. But I think I got duped by the "Costco Refer a Friend" program that they ran back in the fall ( I referred 3 new Ooma customers, and I followed everything in the link above to perfection, including getting the online referral form completed by the September 30, 2009 deadline. They each activated prior to the October 9, 2009 deadline, and are still currently customers. The link stated that I would receive 6 months of free Premier service for each referral within 30 days (so I'm owed a total of 18 months free). I called customer service several weeks ago asking why I never received it, and the customer service rep couldn't understand me if his life depended on it. He was of a different nationality and clearly didn't understand me, as all he kept saying was that "sorry, there is nothing I can do because the promotion ended back in September and you are too late". I continued to assure him that I submitted all 3 referrals in a timely manner and complied with all promotion criteria, but i don't think it ever sunk it. He finally said he would have someone look into it and they would contact me back, but this hasn't happened...and quite frankly, I'm pretty certain it won't. Anyone else have any luck with that promotion or have any suggestions? thanks.

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