Telo voice mail volume

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Re: Telo voice mail volume

Post by murphy » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:53 am

This is a user to user forum. The moderators are Ooma employees but reading and responding to messages on the forum is not their main job. If you want an answer from the company, contacting customer support is probably the best approach.
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Re: Telo voice mail volume

Post by southsound » Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:29 am

LloydEwing wrote:Ha ha, very funny, south.
I probably should have known that my comment would get a reply like that.
Thank you for taking the picture as it was meant - not a slam by any means, just a reaction in my imagination of the "wings" idea. My grandfather had remote control on his TV long before Zenith brought out the "Space Control" clicker (yes, it actually clicked as it struck a small resonating bar). He used binder clips, jar lids, some string, and a very long dowel rod. It was usually at least as reliable as the clicker and was available first!

But let me ask you how this forum works. You must be one of the most active member of the forum. What does it take to get a reply from the Ooma people? I see that product managers Dennis P and Bobby B are quite active on the forum. Do I need to contact them directly?
Sometimes knowing about a problem that they feel has been addressed can help ooma make their product better for everyone. The volume has been made better by software updates that were pushed to everyone - but if you are still having problems and want to bring it to someone who has more options that just an RMA, you can click on the envelope below the avatar of one of the moderators. I'd suggest contacting ntoy. Norm may indeed issue an RMA but he will probably want your unit kept separate so it can be tested to see if this is an issue that they need to address.

I am quite concerned about the hardware design problems with the Telo. I can work around the voice mail problem, but another post I made asking about environmental requirements has also been ignored. The lack of any vents in the Telo case causes me to wonder if these units will have to be recalled or replaced. I have never seen a similar product (e.g., router or modem) that gets this hot and has no ventilation. I doubt that the Telo should be used in any area that is not air conditioned.
I was also concerned about the lack of ventilation when I firt got my Telo back in August. But using it 24x7 in a non-conditioned network closet has eased those fears. I just took reading with a non-contact thermometer to the case and found the following: top, at the ooma logo - 100° ; top, right - 93° ; top, left - 79° ; bottom center - 98° ; bottom right - 100° ; bottom left - 86° . These temps are only a little higher than my router.

I like my new Telo very much and I hope I can continue to use it.
I'm glad you are liking it. I recently retired my hub and reigned my landline service back to basic so my Telo is our main system. It may still have a few rough edges that can be fixed with future firmware updates, but even my bride tells me she loves it so I believe all is good!
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Re: Telo voice mail volume

Post by lbmofo » Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:48 am

southsound wrote:
LloydEwing wrote:It seems to me that the problem could be reduced by directing the sound to the top of the unit instead of the side and down. If nothing else can be done, the company could manufacture a plastic sound reflector which customers could then glue onto the sides of their Telos.
I've heard (no pun intended) of people having success with these in low volume situations:

Could that be called the acoustic winker? LOL
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Re: Telo voice mail volume

Post by Groundhound » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:35 am

LloydEwing wrote:I am confused. This problem has existed for a long time, and the new Telo I just bought last week still has the problem.
Are you able to cycle through all five sound levels (first is off)?

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Re: Telo voice mail volume

Post by LloydEwing » Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:30 pm

There are five sound level settings and only the loudest is useful.

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