Non-responsive Customer Service

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Non-responsive Customer Service

Post by EliteCruises&Travel » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:54 am

I purchased my equipment, activated my account, and requested porting of my current phone number approx. 4 weeks ago. I called to check the porting status and was informed no porting was requested. I was required to go through the porting process again after enduring a non-responsive CSR reading a litany of scripted crap. I finally asked to speak with a Supervisor. The "supervisor" droned on and on about how my request never came through. I understood ooma could not locate my request. My questions were simple: 1) Why did the request never get processed by ooma (the problem was not w/ my current carrier, and 2) WHAT is ooma willing to do to make me happy (a credit??? an extension of my Premier Acct.??? anything????

The bottom line is the CSR and Supervisor with whom I spoke were non-responsive and apathetic. They offered nothing in explanation and nothing to "make me a satisfied customer." I remain unsatisfied and exasperated. :cry: :x

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Re: Non-responsive Customer Service

Post by southsound » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:39 am

EliteCruises&Travel wrote:My questions were simple: 1) Why did the request never get processed by ooma (the problem was not w/ my current carrier, and 2) WHAT is ooma willing to do to make me happy (a credit??? an extension of my Premier Acct.??? anything????
Your situation is unfortunate but it seems like the important thing is getting your number ported. Although your questions might help you feel better neither one addresses getting your number ported. I am pretty sure that the answer to number one is that they really don't know what happened. It might have gotten lost in any number of ways. Some would be ooma's fault, others not so much. In the end, it really doesn't matter because it doesn't change things. Did they offer to reissue the port request? Did they give you a timeline? As to number two, the persons you were speaking with probably had no authority to do anything to compensate you for your inconvience other than to say they were sorry. In any call center the people are given a limited amout of authority and are not able to go above that. This protects the company - but in the end, it protects you. What good is a ported number if the company went belly up because they had no control on costs? Nice doorstop, but kind of expensive.

This loss of porting request incident has probably cost you a month of additional phone billing from your current carrier (as if you had put off the purchase of the ooma for a month) but in the end, you will probably be very happy with your ooma product. I know I am and I have both the hub/scout package and the new Telo. Please let us know how things work out.
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Re: Non-responsive Customer Service

Post by elly » Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:19 pm

I had no problem with number porting, but the installation of the Ooma was a disaster. Talked for hours to several techs, but only 1 was really trying to help, but the Ooma installation problems remained. I therefore decided to return the Ooma and asked for a refund of the number porting ($39). Emailed about the request, never got an answer. Called several times, and only today, 2 weeks after having made the request, I was told that no refund is possible since the number was ported. Their service really sucks, and they should realize that if someone was not able to use the phone that a refund for porting the number should be made.
But anyway, this is a warning for future customers: port your number only after you have installed the ooma and are sure that it is working fine.

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Re: Non-responsive Customer Service

Post by amoney » Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:26 pm

It appears why some get a poor customer service experience is that the call centers ultimately have no power, they are just a call center, such request are then forwarded to Ooma for resolution. So you inherently get a person that is not enthusiastic about their job as is drilled into other customer support at other companies that have a in house call center. Ooma support is obviously not "formal" but at least in my experience the people seems to be trying to help.

Note my PORT for the most part (there was difficulty with the website at first try) when off without a hitch exactly as I discribed. Also note that the instructions indicate that you should very shortly get a email confirmation and so forth. Not to say your at fault but you really should have checked sooner, in addition you could have checked your credit card for charges indicating the purchase request.

I did try the email customer support, but no responce. If Ooma wants to get bigger market share, especially if they want to cross over into the buisness market, they will need to prove much better support.

Resources for such are expensive and with Ooma's thin profit line they will have to do there best to make it all work.
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