How to Hook the thing up?

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How to Hook the thing up?

Post by Stinkeypants » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:03 pm

Can I just plug it into one of the Ethernet plus on my router?

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Re: How to Hook the thing up?

Post by amoney » Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:34 pm


Hop on your PC and go to the Ooma activation webpage and enter the information and your practicaly done.

Inorder to check your Ooma settings on the device you will have to plug a cable into the home port of your Ooma and a PC THEN boot your computer, you can then browse to your Ooma device homepage.

There are ways to configure your router to "route" so you do not have to directly connect with a network cable to the Home port on the back of the Ooma. Note there isnt much to check out, for curiosity you can but otherwise not needed.


Clarification as I see mutiple threads that you state are having issues.

Generally speaking yes just plug in register and practically done.

Things get complication how your transitioning from your previous phone provider.

IF you have a traditional landline and you indicate that you want to use your Ooma WITH your landline then you must connect your landline wall jack to your Ooma jack labeled wall inorder to receive incoming calls. Your "phone" plugs in as normal to the Ooma jack labeled phone.
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