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#38739 by kdmc69
Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:47 am
There are two local numbers that cannot call me. Both are VOIP customers, however not the same provider for each one and not Ooma. The problem with the first number is unusual because it has changed since I migrated from the Hub to the Telo. When I had the Hub, they could not call us. They would get a busy signal. However, we could call them with no problem. Now that we have the Telo, they CAN call us and we get a fast busy signal when we try to call them. Their provider is Clearwire.
On the second number (Viatalk), they have not been able to call us on both the Hub and Telo. They get the busy signal, as well. We have no problem calling them.
Any suggestions? Should I contact Ooma in both cases, or should they contact their providers? I appreciate any help provided.


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