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#38746 by Groundhound
Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:54 am
Rene wrote:I am returning my additional handsets today. Whats the point of keeping them. They are unusable/useless and are too big to use as paperweights.

Unless you are up against a return deadline, I'd give it a few more days. I've a sneaking suspicion that they'll become usable pretty soon.
#38748 by dpierce
Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:08 am
UPDATE: I got word from Ooma support that the handset replacements are on the way. i hope these are better than the last handsets, but I guess I won't know that till I can actually USE them.

I don't blame you for wanting to return your handsets, I wish I had never bought them. It was embarrassing yesterday getting all those Christmas calls from friends and family on the Ooma line and not being able use the handset speakerphone because of the echoing effect or to hear them on the other end say... hello… hello... hello? I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. I ended up calling most of them all back on my cell. It became a game to try and tell who it was calling based on the voices I heard saying hello.

The Ooma people at support were told of my problems when they called today to tell me about the handsets being on the way. Their recommendation was to increase my QoS setting on the Telo to 900 from its current 800. If Ooma requires less than 400, I'm stumped as to how they believe that's going to make any difference. My actual upload speed has always been a consistent 870-950 depending on the day. My setup is Modem-->Telo-->Router. I have 1 handset working obviously; though not very well.

So again "Rene", I understand and "Groundhound" I how your right.
#39018 by dpierce
Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:06 pm
coxskall wrote:My telo handset has never shown the battery indicator at full. Are other folks having this problem? Does anyone know if this is an ongoing problem that is going to be fixed with the next firmware update?

Good question. Why don't you start a new topic and ask others that question about the battery. I think it's a known issue though. I think that's just one more thing they are planning on fixing with this next update. Let's all hope this next updates golden. Anything shy of that will see me walking away. I rely on my home phone more than I imagine many folks may. With cell phones in nearly everyone’s hands and plastered to their faces at every opportunity, I think I’m in the minority in that I have a cell phone but seldom use it.
#39140 by jcarcopo
Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:11 am
dpierce wrote:I've been waiting a week for someone to get back to me about my return (RMA) request for two of the three Telo handsets that are not working. I just received the same bounce back from the online email submission form. I'm a new Ooma customer and use to a more reliable and robust support system with my old landline. I'm trying to be understanding and allow this new way to communicate to grow on me, but I have to say this is just as bad as my Magic jack experience a year ago.

One of my Telo handsets is stuck at the update screen and its battery has a serious charging problem. The second Telo handsets number "9" key doesn’t work at all but seemed to work in every other respect. I've been able to get one of the three handsets to work and before you comment, yes I’m aware that currently only one handset is able to be used at a time till they update the firmware. I had set up each one of the handsets as handset 1 to the Telo base before finding one that worked. With that said, even the handset that worked has issues. A buzzing sound emanating from the earpiece and the range is very poor. I am hopeful that an update will fix those issues and will keep this handset.

My personal rant and biggest complaint with Ooma is that I just can't understand how any company can sell something they know doesn’t work? It's like buying a TV that only gets one channel and the manufacturer stating after you install it that they plan on offering the ability to watch more channels later! I purchased my Ooma system over the phone with a rep and at no time was I told that I'd just bought handsets that don't work yet and half the features they were boasting about that Ooma has are not even activated or that they have no firm timeframe.

What a mess this has turned out to be. If I hadn’t experienced all this for myself I wouldn't believe it. How can a company operate like this and keep its doors open. Seriously, ask yourself that. The prudent thing to do would have been to hold off on Telo’s release till all ducks were in a row. Ooma has lost credibility with many current users and the chance to sway those still on the fence with VoIP. As a new Ooma customer I can tell you now; I'm not comfortable making Ooma my exclusive phone company.

i 2ND that emotion. Well put. DITTO for me.
#39356 by amoney
Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:52 pm
Long story short:

I abandond the Telo handset (wanting to buy 4 during Thanksgiving) when I discovered the ridiculousness of the issues Ooma was having, it put it over the top (when worrying that quality was not going to be up to snuff, the Telo base I can deal with).

I highly recommend Panasonic KX-TG7434B, its quality and features surpasses the Telo handset less the ability for a simultaneous 2nd line. The Panasonic quality blows the Telo handsets away by all accounts, the Panasonic can even pickup the Ooma voice mail messages, although I prefer to use the Panasonic answering machine.

Its funny actually, I was on the fence, but I saw the Todayshow special so I ordered, additionally I thought it was coming from Amazon (for no hassle returns incase of issues). But after I ordered I then found all the Telo handset issues and was aghast litterally!! I then wanted to cancel the order and just order the Telo base, so then I found out the Amazon check out process was just that only and so in desperation I emailed support request for cancellation, I then found a way to request a cancellation throught the Amazon check out process, thank god hopefully I had a chance to stop the order (mind you I already placed a new seperate order from Amazon for the Telo only and the Panasonic handsets).

So then I get a email from Ooma exec stating that because of backorder of Telo handsets (success of the Todaysow special) they have cancelled my order all together, thank goodness return hassle avoided.

#40098 by dpierce
Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:05 pm
Well, well, well… the message in my.ooma now doesn’t state that I can only use 1 handset! So this evening I proceed to hook up the two replacement handsets I’d received. No problems getting the handsets to sync and take my PIN number. Each handset executed the SW Update in the cradles just fine and took a reasonable 3-5 minutes before restarting. They now say HANDSET 2 and HANDSET 3 (great!). Problem is still say MAX HANDSETS EXCEEDED.

Color me confused. I called support yet again, got a gentleman from support, explained the problem, he placed me on hold for 4-5 minutes, then came back stating that all I needed to do was reboot my Telo. Well, I cheerfully let him know that I’d already done so 3X. And yes, each time waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in. He then said that he would need to check that I was allowed to use more than 1 handset (what?).

Anyway, he came back to the line after a few more minutes and said that I was only allowed the fist and second handset, but that they would be maybe releasing an update that would allow more by the end of the week. Before I could gasp in horror and grunt in distain, he immediately said that that I "was" allowed the handsets and that all I needed to do was turn off my Telo and the handsets for more than 3 minutes this time. I think someone’s new at this support thing and being trained with another tech listening in. I believe it’s another case of the blind leading the blind though because they it felt to me like I was playing some strange support version of The Family Feud. “….”failed software release!”…ding. Anyway, all sarcasm aside, he said he's call back in 15 minutes to make sure it had worked after I did the following on my own.

Turn on the Telo after 3 or more minutes of being off.
Start handset 1, let it sync with the Telo base.
Start handset 2, let it sync with the Telo base.
Start handset 3, let it sync with the Telo base.

Having done this a few times already, I thought what the heck; maybe the support guy did something behind the scene that required it again. Long story long.... It didn’t work.

True to his word, he called back in 15mins. This time he said that he’d checked things out further on my account and found that the software released wasn’t actually released so the multi handsets were not enabled as of yet. He said that the release date was still listed on his side as being "by years end 2009". Seeing as it is currently Jan 4th 2010, he offered that it should be any time now.

So for all those excited by the change in wording on their page in fact means nothing. Multiple handsets are still not enabled. Please stand ready to utilize all the magical features the wizard behind the curtain has promised, and remember to smile. So I say okey-dokey, will do. Sucker standing by.
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#40278 by dpierce
Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:36 am
bw1 wrote:You may want to check the revision of software that your Telo is running on the status page at
Make note of that and when it's updated maybe the new version will support multiple handsets.

Good advice, thank you. After looking i see that I am sadly still on software version 1.32342. I saw the following post from Bobby B that gives hope that all these issues will soon be solved though...

Bobby B wrote: on Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:57 pm
Ooma Telo 32829 Release Notes: 32829 for Ooma Telo will be starting to deploy to Telos tonight and will complete within the next couple days.

I'm looking forward to using my Ooma system and trying it out before dropping my land line. I've only got 28 more days of my free premium trial, so this is not a day to soon. I hope they extend this for me without a problem since I've been unable to really try it. We'll see.

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