Call Forwarding Disabled with Landline

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Call Forwarding Disabled with Landline

Post by del » Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:30 pm

I am a new Ooma user. I have been trying to use the call forwarding feature on my new account - to no avail. After four different phone calls (am currently waiting for fifth call back from Ooma), I have been told that the call forwarding feature is not available for people, like me, who keep an active land-line. Does that make any sense at all? Has anybody else ever heard of this? Two agents have told me this (two others just couldn't articulate what the problem was). They told me that since I opted to keep my land-line, call forwarding will only be available to me, if I get this service from my phone company. Yes, if I keep my land-line, the premiere features, need to be provided to me by my phone company!!!! Then, why pay for the premiere features? Well, since I opted to keep my landline and to pay for the premiere features, it seems like somebody should have, at some point, disclosed to me that if I kept my landline, the premiere features would be useless. Don't you think? Indeed, why would anybody chose to keep a land-line and buy the premiere features, if they are not compatible? This is a major - indeed, in legal parlance, a "material" issue. Failure to disclose such a major glitch is kind of bad business practice, as I see it.

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Re: Call Forwarding Disabled with Landline

Post by Groundhound » Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:14 pm

Ooma should better describe this limitation to landline integration. Without landline call forwarding, your landline provider delivers your inbound calls to your home, not to Ooma's servers - nothing Ooma can do about that. Ooma's landline integration feature just makes it possible to use your landline for calls on the same phones that are shared by your Ooma line. Although I don't have an integrated landline, from what I've read here I would not choose to integrate a landline with Ooma. If I wanted to keep a landline I would keep it separate from Ooma, and if I wanted inbound calls on the landline to ring my Ooma-connected phones then I would have the landline company forward inbound calls to my Ooma number - which would then allow me to control the inbound calls with all the other features Ooma offers.

There are different ways to have the backup features of a landline and use all of Ooma's features, how to set it up depends on what you want from your phone system. As I said before, I'm not a fan of the integration approach, Ooma's trying to offer a convenient way for people to have both a landline and VoIP work together, but in instances like yours it leads to customer disappointment.

If you want to describe how you desire your phone system to work, there are lots of people here willing to help.

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Re: Call Forwarding Disabled with Landline

Post by Big0range » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:01 pm

No, Ooma's call-forwarding "limitation" does not make sense. Call-forwarding on your landline is handled by your local telco at the telco's switch; it simply reroutes the call and ANI (caller ID info) at the switch - before it's ever delivered to your home - to the requested number. If the number you're forwarding to is long distance, then LD charges apply. The Ooma product should have no impact nor be impacted in any way.

Call-forwarding on your Ooma line is (or should be) handled at the Ooma main servers; again, before the attempt is made to deliver the call to your residential Ooma device. Ooma (hopefully) isn't going to send IP packets of voice traffic over the internet to your residential Ooma device only to have those packets sent back along the network, back to Oomas servers, to then pipe the call out on whatever infrastructure they're tied into the phone system with. Having the telco line plugged into your Ooma box *SHOULD* make no difference; but you may want to unplug the Ooma box from your wall jack and only have a cordless or single phone plugged into it.

In any event, Ooma's call forwarding and your telco's call forwarding are necessarily independent of each other and not reliant on the other service to function properly. It sounds like Ooma is making excuses until they figure out how to properly configure their own products.

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