Caller ID still wrong name after 60 days!

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Caller ID still wrong name after 60 days!

Post by joefunk » Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:45 pm

Ooma ported my number from Vonage. The caller ID has been wrong since the number was ported. I called customer service several times and they tell me I am incorrect about my old Caller ID name from other carrier Vonage. Like I did not know what my caller ID was with the old carrier after 8 years with Vonage.

After several calls I was told you will pay $11.99 to have the name changed. I said that is fine charge my credit card on file. Now 65 days later the same name. Customer service keeps giving me the run around stating they have changed my name. This shows they don't check their own work. I was told again today after a 52 minute call, we will request for the name to be changed again. Please wait 10 business days 14 days and call us if the name is still incorrect. What great customer service.

I asked for a survey to be sent to me and was told we don't have surveys for customers. I asked for the managers name to write a letter and was told they can't provide this information due to security at the call center! LOL

I guess they are worried I will show to the call center over seas to speak to him in person!

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Re: Caller ID still wrong name after 60 days!

Post by mezzy316 » Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:24 am

If you are talking about your outbound caller ID, good luck. Mine has been wrong for 4 months. I show up on people's caller ID as "Null, Null". What they tell me is that when I ported my number from AT&T that AT&T wiped my number and info from their database, and until they update it, there is nothing they (ooma) can do.

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