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#36571 by davek
Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:48 am
I called Ooma last Thursday to have my two Ooma machines switched.... a Hub switched from number xxx-xxx-xxxx to yyy-yyy-yyyy, and a Telco from number yyy-yyy-yyyy to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Not something I could do myself, and something I needed done quick. I was told that an engineer would have to do this (understandable), and that they only worked limited hours, and NOT weekends (what?). I would have to wait 5 days to get this done... They could look at it Monday, and do it Tuesday. Sucks to be me, I guess.... but OK; I have no choice. Done on Tuesday.

Well, Tuesday has come and gone. Line switch.... no. Any contact AT ALL from the Ooma explaining why they work they promised was not done? No, nothing via e-mail, phone or in terms of actual work done.

So I e-mail on Wednesday, and ask for expedited work on getting this changed. This is now costing me time and money, and now one location has NO service. I had made my plans based on the promises OOma made as to when it would do its work. No reply.... no email response.... no call.... and certainly no work done.

I really like the Ooma idea. I really wish it would work. I hate Qwest. But why should I trade very bad customer service at Qwest for non-existent customer service at Ooma? At least Qwest does work when and as promised. Qwest works, Ooma does not. I used to recommend Ooma to my friends.... I won't be doing that anymore.

Ooma better get this switch done today... Qwest is offering me a VERY nice deal to not leave/come back.... and Costco will take all this Ooma stuff back (including the so over-promised and massively-misrepresented Ooma handset) so I am out nothing. I REALLY like Ooma, and had hoped for more from Ooma, but it is Oooma itself driving me away.

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