Ooma takes whole LAN down at least once per day

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Re: Ooma takes whole LAN down at least once per day

Post by Kevin » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:49 am

My modem is the Motorola SB6120 which is one of their newest models. It only has one LAN port, so I am assuming that I will need to throw a router in between my modem and my Telo. As mentioned in my previous post, I have a structured wiring system in my house, so all my network stuff is located in the basement (all cat 5e runs, cable modem, switch). I currently plug-in the Telo into a lan connection in my kitchen which is where my phone is also located. It wouldn't make any sense to locate the Telo in the basement in order to put it in between my modem and router just from a convenience standpoint.

So the configuration I am thinking of trying is to purchase a decent router with Qos built in, hook my the router to the modem, then hook the Telo connection in to port 1 on the router. I will then hook port 2 into by switch for all my other computers, including my wireless router which is located upstairs. I am hoping that the router will control the assignment of i.p. addresses and then allow me to talk on the phone without crashing the internet for everyone else.

Am I on the right Track? I am still not sure why I can't change the MAC address on the Telo to use the built in address. Any thoughts on that? Will putting the router in place help with that problem?

Thanks for your help!
Just wanted to update everyone who has helped me with this problem. I installed and setup the new router, went and changed the Telo MAC address to the built in address. I then rebooted everything and now my Telo is playing nice with my network and internet. Hope this thread helps others who may be experiencing a similar problem!

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Re: Ooma takes whole LAN down at least once per day

Post by TechExplorer » Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:53 pm

Are you sure that your Cable signal strength is not low ? if any splitters are inline with Modem/Router remove and reboot,ect.
good start point ! I believe this sounds like your problem. Cable company in doing line levels do knock out modems sometimes daily.

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Re: Ooma takes whole LAN down at least once per day

Post by kb7 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:39 am

Hello. I am the OP of this thread, which has recently diverged in some interesting ways.

Problem solved, I think. I replaced my cable modem (SB5100) with a new one (SB6120) and have since enjoyed over two days and eighteen hours of continuous, trouble-free operation of Ooma. I'm even back to using DHCP on the Ooma. And the modem log is squeaky clean.

So, for whatever reason, the old cable modem became unstable whenever Ooma was plugged in. If everything holds up, I will be happy to chalk this up as a problem I don't need to understand completely. And I still have the scripted restart option available if it comes down to that.

Special thanks to murphy, Groundhog, oldanbo, DougInAZ and everyone else who has been kind enough to email me directly but whose forum aliases I have forgotten. Special credit goes to "ifican" for zeroing in on the modem right from the start. You guys have all been a big help. Muchas gracias.

Happy New Year!
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Re: Ooma takes whole LAN down at least once per day

Post by DougInAZ » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:23 am

It appears the problem I have been having, which was the same as Kb7's, has gone away, at least temporarily. I didn't do anything, but it there must have been some one at Cox has been making some changes as my downstream signal level changed by about -6 dB from what it had been running at the same time that the hang-ups stopped. I wouldn't bet any more than pocket change that it won't come back. Thankfully, this looks to be an ISP problem, or a modem problem, or combination of the two and ooma seems to be an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.

The other morning I talked to a Cox tech that concluded that somehow my modem was hungup such that it was not able to get to the DNS server, although it was online and Cox could see it. I believe the thought was that somewhere between the firmware that Cox provides and the firmware that Motorola provides, it is possible to get the modem in a state it can not recover from. Since the SBG900 modem that I am using is several years old, maybe the newer ones, like the SB6120 that kb7 switched to, aren't sensitive to the what ever Cox is/was doing several times a day that hung up our two modems.

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