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#33525 by msgreenf
Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:04 pm
So I can't get my vista 10p system to work with the Ooma. It seizes the line fine but can't hold the connection. The ooma hub lights up that its connected but drops the call after 20 seconds or so. I have tried *99 and other things but no dice.

Any ideas?
#33527 by southsound
Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:29 pm
It may not like the ooma dialtone. Is there a way to insert a pause before it starts dialing? Also make sure that the connection tone is turned off in my ooma.
#33702 by msgreenf
Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:46 pm
i have tried pauses..nothing works :(

This siezes the dials (ooma turns red) but the central station never gets it...
#33909 by Rob D
Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:07 am
I had a similiar situation with my alarm and found that my alarm was calling an 800 number (so my original land line would not get toll charges), but when I switched to Ooma I was not able to use this 800 number. I switched the number the alarm was calling to a local number and it worked just fine. The alarm company doesn't know why the 800 number doesn't work with Ooma, but they also mentioned that some other VIOP phone systems would not allow their alarm to dial an 800 number either.

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