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#1607 by augenbraunj
Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:21 am
Hi, I'm having problems with the Ooma device as a network router.

I have the following configuration:

combo DSL modem/wireless ---- ooma ---- desktop computer

Hooked up to the DSL modem are a laptop (through wireless) and an all-in-one printer/scanner (through an extra ethernet port).

I have two problems ... the desktop computer can't see the scanner part of the all-in-one printer/scanner (although it can see the printer part of it!). The desktop also can't do windows file sharing with the laptop (i.e. a drive letter that is shared and served by the laptop isn't visible on the desktop).

I've opened every port on the Ooma for both TCP and IP, but it hasn't helped. I'm thinking that the problem is likely to be with the fact that the packets have to be forwarded through the Ooma as a gateway. My desktop PC seems to know that the Ooma is a gateway, since otherwise printing and internet wouldn't work. But somehow these scanning and windows networking are blocked.

Everything works fine if I connect the desktop to a spare ethernet port on the DSL modem. But upstream VOIP QOS is lost, and my upstream VOIP breaks when I try to upload large files from the computer.

I'm sure this can be configured to work. Any networking god care to help a poor suplicant???
#1615 by joeandtricia
Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:54 am
Hooked up to the DSL modem are a laptop (through wireless) and an all-in-one printer/scanner (through an extra ethernet port

Draw it out like this:
you have one network consisting of the DSL / Laptop / Printer (put that in an oval)
you have another network consisting of the ooma & phones & desktop (put that in another oval).
These more than likely have different network address ranges and to connect networks with different addresses - you need a router.

Your DSL modem may be able to function as a router and allow traffic between the two networks to pass but it is probably what is blocking the traffic between the two networks.

Options here are :
1) open the DSL modem ports to allow inter-network routing
2) change the configuration and add a switch / router device that will allow the computers to be on the same network

it would look like this:
ombo DSL modem/wireless ---- ooma -- swtich / router --( laptop, desktop, printer)
really rough sketch of the network you describe
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