Ooma hub and Vonage device - how configure until # ported??

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Ooma hub and Vonage device - how configure until # ported??

Post by catnip3 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:21 pm

Hi, I just activated Ooma on line.
I requested to keep my present Vonage # until it is ported.
I cannot get the Ooma to work.
I have the following:
A Linksys router
A modem for Internet RoadRunnner high-speed cable internet
A Vonage device
a personal PC connected to a router
and now an Oomba hub.

Can you tell me how to connect all these devices to what ports so that I may utilize both the Ooma device and the Vonage device with my present # until it is ported from Vonage?

Thanks so much.


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Re: Ooma hub and Vonage device - how configure until # ported??

Post by Soundjudgment » Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:02 pm

Let pretend for the moment that you have no Vontage device tying up your system (and pretty soon you won't need it around anyway). ;)

So one of three ways is needed to get all the other parts working:

1. Cable Modem ---> Ooma Hub ---> Router/Hub ---> PCs.
2. Cable Modem ---> Ooma Hub ---> PC.
3. Cable Modem ---> Router/Hub ---> PCs AND Ooma Hub both connected to the Router.

One of those three plans should work. The trick is knowing how to hook up the computers and phone to support one of those methods.

Number one works perfect for many people who have new Internet setups.

Number two is the best way IF you have only one PC in the house to worry about. You DON'T need a Router for just one PC, unless it is somehow needed for the Vontage which is going bye-bye soon anyway. In this case the Ooma Hub is ALSO the Router for the computer(s) so no other is needed.

Number three works just fine for many people with an existing network setup. Everything stays the same as it is now. You are simply plugging the Ooma Hub into one of the Ethernet ports from the back of the Router and BAM... instant Blue OOOOooma light on the Hub and a Dialtone on the phone plugged into the Ooma Hub (after a telephone number is assigned to it).

So are any of those working out for you? We didn't bother porting over any numbers because that would take too long, and a new number is always a fun thing to choose and give out to others. Makes you feel all important and ex-ec-u-tive like. ;)

So try those (starting with method number 3 as a test since it sounds like the best method for you currently), and then you can make sure that the equipment is all checked out and ready to dial. :)
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