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#1501 by scots
Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:58 pm
I don't know exactly when this started happening, but I've noticed it both yesterday and today. When I place a call to anyone, at the exact moment the call is answered I hear the first couple seconds or so of the "musical" ooma dialtone faintly in the background. I usually hear the person saying "hello" at the same time I'm hearing the start of the ooma dialtone. It doesn't matter if it's a local or long distance call, what carrier the person I'm calling has their service with, if it's a landline/cell phone/etc, or whether the call is actually answered by a live person or by an answering machine/voicemail. Other than that I haven't noticed any problems, and the call quality seems fine. It's just a little surprising because I'm not really expecting it. Is anyone else experiencing this?
#1502 by plasmo
Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:21 pm
I literally installed ooma about 1 hour ago, and ever since the beginning I have always heard that musical ooma note when they picked up (or an answering machine) picked up the phone.... i thought this was a normal thing....
#1503 by lszyjka
Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:36 pm
Same here. I 've installed mine on Friday and noticed the same fain music when a person picks up on the other end. I assumed this was by design.
#1505 by mosteve
Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:41 pm
i have also heard this ooma music tone when the other party picks up the call. can i turn it off somehow?
#1508 by scots
Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:53 pm
I signed up last week, but I didn't notice this happening until yesterday. I guess I wasn't paying attention to it if was happening before then. There's no way to turn it off/on that I know of, and as far as I know it shouldn't be happening. I posted on here to see if it was happening to anyone else, or if it was just me...or if I was just going crazy.
#1516 by Clifftr
Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:52 am
What you, and your callers are hearing is the signature 'ooma dial tone' - which I believe is a built-in marketing tool for ooma. Upon hearing the ooma dial tone, callers may be prompted to ask you questions about it - this allows you the opportunity to tell them about your free ooma phone service.

Others have posted threads on this subject. I believe tech support is able to suppress the ooma dial tone on your end only, but you'll have to read through past threads on the subject to learn more about it.
#1521 by skellener
Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:04 am
I've always heard the "Ooma" tone since I got it. It's always been there as far as I can tell.
#1522 by scots
Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:37 pm
I hear it when I first pick up the phone to place a call (which I understand is supposed to happen), but then I hear it a second time when the call I'm placing gets answered. I don't hear the whole thing the second time though...just the first second or two of it. It only happens on calls that I make, not on calls that I receive. I didn't notice this "second instance" of the ooma dialtone happening when I first hooked up my ooma. Christmas day was the first time I noticed it happening. I don't think the people on the other end are hearing it. If they are they haven't said anything about it.

I don't mind hearing the "signature ooma dialtone" when I pick up the phone to place a call (and I actually think it's kinda cool), but I don't think I should be hearing it (or a portion of it) a second time when the person I'm calling answers their phone. I don't see anywhere on this web site or in any documentation stating that one is supposed to hear the "signature ooma dialtone" a second time when a call is answered.
#1525 by superdlux
Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:56 pm
All you have to do is call ooma service. Assuming they pick up, they will gladly turn off the 'connection ooma tone' for you.

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