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#27040 by lchan
Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:12 pm
I agree that it could be the filter for the phone in the DSL setup. I also set up the scout today and also got the 4 red lights when I first did it. Then I found and removed the DSL filter between the wall plate and the scout and now the scout is working fine.

BTW I had DSL before and switched to FiOS. I still have not removed all the filters left connected to phone lines.
#27046 by southsound
Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:36 pm
Some good thoughts about removing any filters that may have been required for your DSL. If you do not have a landline any longer, then you can disconnect from the telco and have a clean line by going to the network interface box on the outside of your house and opening it up. You will either see one or more short wires with plugs on the end or some hinged plugs. In either case, just unplug or swing them out of the way. Sometimes when you cancel phone service they still leave voltage on the line - but even if not, you don't want to be backfeeding signal all over your neighborhood. Also take the time to make a tag that says, "Attention - do not connect to Telco service. Customer Provided Equipment will be damaged." This way a telco tecn won't inadvertantly reconnect you.
#27102 by allo
Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:25 pm wrote:Hi, I have purchased an OOMA hub, successfully made it to work in 10 minutes. So far everything works well. Today I tried to connect the scout in another room. After supplying the power and connecting the scout to the wall jack and phone via the two connector on the scout, it has four read LEDs lighted up in red. I thought it was just a power up sequence. But it stayed that way. And when I picked up the phone connected to the scout, I cannot even hear the dial tone. What should I do to make the scout work? Please advise. Thanks!

Jaff Lin

I had the same problem when I connected HUB to Wall and Wall to Scout... So on the advice of Wayne I connected Hub to Scout side by side, used 2 Dect 6.0 systems and ditched wall wiring/wall jacks all together... I even disconnected the outside hookup, because ATT kept 911 alive, and a direct line to them in case I wanted to come back, I guess!
Wishful thinking on their part; because even without OOMA , the cell phone alone will do!

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