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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by usaooma » Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:32 pm

actually i just called customer service and asked about the lifetime premier. it's tied to the account. so even if you have to replace the HUB or whatever the hardware is at the time, you still have premier service. that definitely is worth the $349.99.

we're just at day 2 of having Ooma in the house. so far so good. when we make our complete switch, i think we'll be doing the lifetime premier as well. i'm very glad i checked the forums. :D

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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by Bill11 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:59 pm

allo wrote: It is tempting if the Premier Service is for the life of the account and not the Hardware... but shelling out that much assumes that to at least recoup the full amount one needs the following conditions:
1- one lives more than 3 - 1/2 years after purchasing Premier.
2- Ooma stays in business that long. (Sunrocket)
3. the service stays as good as it is today : (look at Vonage...)
4. Some newer and better technology doesn't come along.

Who knows ? May be it is worth taking the risk ?
I thought the Lifetime Premier was worthwhile. Ooma strikes me as a company that will be around for a long time. They have new hardware product just released and some good deals to wrap up 2009 in a strong financial position to start off next year with momentum. I think their offerings make sense both for Ooma and their customers and the value proposition was attractive to me.
danshiki wrote:Ooma "Lifetime Premier" may mean the life of the base unit if I am reading the following excerpt from the Ooma Licensing agreement correctly:

" Purchase and Licensing of Equipment

* (a) Purchase of Equipment: When you enter this Agreement, you are purchasing or have purchased Equipment. You will own the Equipment and bear all risk of loss of, theft of, casualty to or damage to the equipment from the time that we ship it to you until the time (if any) that it is returned to us in accordance with this Agreement. You agree to the limits on use of the equipment, as set forth herein.
* (b) Subject to the limitations in this Agreement, purchase of certain Ooma base units includes Basic Service which is the capability to make calls that terminates within the United States using the base unit during the life of the base unit. Any and all references on Ooma packaging, in sponsored advertising, on the Ooma web site, in third party marketing materials and/or in any other context or location that refer to the provision of "free" calling and/or "service for life" and/or "unlimited" service and or "free home phone service" and/or "free U.S. calling with no monthly fees" shall be narrowly construed as providing the customer with the ability to make a reasonable amount of calls within the United States consistent with normal residential use for the life of the product, and are subject to the terms and limitations of this Agreement. These calls will be routed using the Internet Protocol over your High-Speed internet connection and are subject to the characteristics described in Paragraph 3 below."

Who is sure the smart folks at Ooma may not decide later that Lifetime Premier is for the Life of the Base Unit?
I agree the written terms govern and nowhere in the excerpt above is it stated that the Lifetime subscription is transferable. However there are a number of other threads here on ooma.com indicating customers have been told that the Lifetime Premier is transferable from one device to another due to defect or upgrade (including the new post above from usaooma). This is all verbal though, so we rely on Ooma's practices here rather than the letter of the agreement.
allo wrote:Bill,
I really appreciate it if you can tell me/us , if they send you a receipt with the Terms and Conditions regarding the Lifetime Premier Service you bought... and if it says , specifically, that the lifetime is for the life of the account and not the hardware!
Something like: Terms and Conditions of Agreement Between a Customer and Ooma.

I asked Customer Service for a URL where I could review the Lifetime Premier agreement, and the rep I spoke with couldn't provide one so I presume the portion quoted by danshiki above governs.

I'll plan on taking good care of my Hub/Scout, using a quality surge suppressor on the line cord as well as on the telephone line going from unit to wall jack. I imagine I will have it for well more than a few years and expect that Ooma will be going strong for even longer.

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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by bw1 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:28 pm

There are no guarantees but Ooma has a track record of taking care of its current customers when they make changes.

For example, keeping the free Core service with no regulatory recovery fee for those that bought the original Ooma hub/scout combo. Or those that were lucky enough to get the Ooma Hub when it was being sold for $399, have lifetime Premier service included.

Here's another example:
But up until now, the cost to port your old number to ooma was $79 because of the time-consuming process of working with the carriers to get the number porting done. We’ve received a lot of feedback from potential customers who felt the price was a little steep. And we agree. So here’s what we’ve decided to do. We’ve lowered the cost of porting to $39.99 or free if you sign up for an annual subscription to ooma Premier. Customers who previously purchased a number port for $79 will be provided with a full year of ooma Premier service at no extra charge.
https://www.ooma.com/blog/2008/07/16/nu ... g-updates/

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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by Opal » Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:04 pm


I just called ooma and attempted to purchase Lifetime Premier, but since I am already an existing Annual Premier customer, their computer wouldn't accept the purchase. I saw on another thread that ooma is working on allowing current Annual Premier subscribers to extend their subscription online at the 99$ rate, and that it should be available within a few weeks (before 12-31-09). So perhaps changing to Lifetime will work at that time, as well.

So for now, I have been assured that my request for Lifetime Premier is attached to my account and when my current Annual Premier subscription expires, the Lifetime Premier will be charged at the $349.99 rate and become effective at that time. This is a bit worrisome and a bit of a bummer as I had expected my remaining time/amount to be pro-rated into the Lifetime Premier fee. But it's still an excellent deal as long as ooma sticks around... And perhaps if you wait a couple of weeks, when they get it all sorted, maybe it will work in the way that I had expected. I didn't want to take the risk of waiting and the Lifetime Premier option having been withdrawn by then.
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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by ntoy » Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:19 pm


I wanted to clarify Ooma lifetime premiere:

If you decide to purchase the Premiere Buy-Out option by calling Ooma support, this will provide Lifetime Premiere
on the life of the original Ooma Hub/Telo and NOT on the Ooma Account.

* OFFER: For a limited time, if you go with Premiere Buy-Out option on the Telo, you have the choice of choosing a Telo handset or a free number port.

*NOTE: This offer is subject to change at anytime. Telo handsets will be available in mid November 2009, but the Premiere Buy-Out option would need to be purchased while offer is still in effect & a Telo handset or a free number port is specified during the order.

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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by Aveamantium » Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:36 pm

I don't know if others caught this or not but I'd pay attention to this, ntoy is an Ooma Mod...

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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by Groundhound » Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:43 pm

Not to shoot the messenger or anything, but I'm guessing those who signed up for the lifetime Premier plan may have some issues with this.

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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by allo » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:07 pm

I think this needs to be fully clarified immediately and officially by those in charge at OOMA; and posted in the pricing area, because that is not what those who bought Lifetime Premier were told when they paid their money!!!

See Post 7 and 8 among others!
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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by Bobby B » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:09 pm

Just to add and clarify a few points -- as Norm mentions, the Premier Lifetime option is for the Life of the Device, not the Ooma Account (similar to Tivo and ReplayTV lifetime service plans). However, at least until the end of the year, we're allowing users (including Premier lifetime users) to transfer their existing Hub account to their Ooma Telo, given their Hub is still active.
ntoy wrote: If you decide to purchase the Premiere Buy-Out option by calling Ooma support, this will provide Lifetime Premiere
on the life of the original Ooma Hub/Telo and NOT on the Ooma Account.
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Re: Ooma Lifetime Premier

Post by niknak » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:18 pm

I think more than a few people here signed up for lifetime premier thinking the opposite based upon what they were told by CS (unless they misunderstood what was said)

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