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#25033 by voip123
Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:21 pm
Hi folks,

I got some questions for you guys. The Ooma Core System is still available from

If I buy the Core System not the Ooma Telco one
1) What Terms and Conditions I will get, the old one or the new one?
2) Do I still get all those good features with core system?

#25037 by bw1
Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:57 pm
As far as everything I've read, you would still get the old terms since the Ooma Core Hub/Scout combo comes in a box that has the old information on it - voicemail and no yearly fee.

I haven't heard if they're going to start selling the Ooma Core with new packaging and new terms or if it will just be discontinued when it's finally sold out.

This is only for new units purchased. If you purchase a used system, you'll be subject to the new terms with reduced basic service plus fees after the first year and a $59.99 re-activation fee.
#25039 by southsound
Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:04 pm
According to Rich Buchanan, ooma's Chief Marketing Officer, you will get all the core features listed - free calling in the continental US (quasi limited to 5000 outgoing minutes, but rarely enforced - this is to disuade boiler rooms for using ooma), call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail. You also get a 60 trial of Premier. If you like it, you can get a full year for $99 if you make the choice before the end of the year. It is a great system. I have both the hub/scout system and the Telo. Both are wonderful ways to save money and get high quality phone service. If you like lots of bells and future wistles, then go for the Telo - but it will cost you more for Premier if you want voicemail and you will eventually have to pay a $12 per year for a recapture of taxes ooma pays. You really can't go wrong.

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