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#33636 by dyehya
Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:35 am
Okay I am pretty tech savvy and troubleshoot most of this myself. I got QoS down and everything else and either I am being retarded or most likely something else is. I have a cable modem, then my ooma Hub >then my router. Charter likes doing nightly maintenance and the internet goes down and the online light on the modem goes off which is typical but then it recovers and goes back online I can log in to the modem, ooma, router, etc. but the Ooma won't go back online and my internet won't work. If I hold the Ooma tab the 1&2 usually light up...The only way to get it back online is to reset the Ooma..and sometimes the Modem and ooma. I don't know it seems to not be able to recover from internet loss well.
#33639 by murphy
Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:15 am
Configure ooma to use the built-in MAC address (as opposed to automatic) and to use Dynamic (DHCP) (as opposed to automatic) on the Network page in the ooma.
#33775 by dyehya
Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:44 am
murphy wrote:Configure ooma to use the built-in MAC address (as opposed to automatic) and to use Dynamic (DHCP) (as opposed to automatic) on the Network page in the ooma.

I had already set to DHCP from automatic and then did as you suggested and set the MAC id to built-in. I didn't realize it was generating one as it didn't match the built-in or any of my other MAC IDs so if the modem lost it's lock and relocked then it would detect a different connection and not work without being unplugged and plugged back in which makes sense.

The only thing concerning me is as soon as I changed to built-in, I lost the internet connection which I expected. I unplugged my modem and the ethernet line running to the Modem port...plugged in the modem and let it lock and then plugged in the Modem port. It started communicating but wouldn't get an IP address from the Modem. I even unplugged the modem and the Ooma Hub but it still didn't do it so I eventually left bot the Modem and the Hub unplugged for a minute (instead of just a few seconds) plugged in the modem...wait for the lock and then an extra minute...and then plugged in the power to the Hub...and after 3 minutes it finally came online. Only time will tell if it will disconnect on internet outage and not be able to reconnect but this is hopeful.

What I find really disturbing is even when the Ooma goes offline after the internet recovered on the modem end...and I can't get to any websites...I CAN still log into the modem directly so even though the modem is talking to the hub and computer just the internet communication seems to be the problem...I will wait and if it happens again I will get much more technical because this is a fun one to figure out as it is being rather complicated!

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