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#15767 by smahmoud
Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:08 am
I have an ooma hub with my phone number ported from my old land line provider and currently I have no land line. Unfortunately, the intercom in the building where I live is dependent on a land line being there to provide a dial tone and electric power to be used by the intercom.I'll start by explaining my current configuration and my target configuration.


-dry loop dsl.
-dsl->modem->ooma hub (cur. phone #...1234)->phone set


To be able to use the same phone set with ooma (dial and receive local & long distance calls) and the intercom(receive only) and for the new land line to be a backup in case of power outage. All this using my phone set.

I'll be grateful if anyone can help me figure out how to achieve this w/o using a separate phone set (very inconvenient). And w/o subscribing for ooma premier.


#15837 by scottlindner
Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:32 pm
I'm a bit confused. In the first part of your post it sounds like you don't want a landline, later it sounds like you do want a landline for backup purposes. Can you clarify?

Does the intercom system require a separate line or could it be on the same line that your phones (connected to the Hub) are currently using?

In your mind would it work to use a splitter off your Hub to run one phone cord to your phone system and another to the intercom?

#15895 by smahmoud
Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:13 am
originally, I wasn't thinking at all about the backup line. So, I gave up my land line and replaced it with ooma. Then I was struck with the fact that the building's intercom was based upon the phone service going to each apartment integrated on the apartment's land line's dial tone. So, in the past I had the dial tone and the intercom on the same line going to the same wall outlet(s). So, I was using the same phone set for both. For example, if I was on the phone, in the middle of the conversation, I might hear a beep indicating that the doorman is trying to reach me on the intercom. Or if I'm not using the phone, I hear a different ringing pattern when he rings my intercom, so i can pick up my phone set and talk to him.

So, simply my goal is to have the same setup I had before with the convenience of one phone set for both.

I personally don't care about this new basic land line except for that purpose (the intercom). But later I thought about its positive side effects of having a dial tone during power outage and better DSL price. But again these two things were not my objectives so don't confuse them with my primary objective (the intercom).


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#15896 by scottlindner
Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:55 am
I think you can do all of that without a backup line, but it might partly depend on your wiring and access to the phone box.

Many people use their Ooma Hub and Scout to power the phone lines in their homes. That is what I do. My hub is stashed away in a network rack. I plug any phone into any phone jack in the house. Just like a regular phone line. You could try the same but it partly depends on what it going on with your current phone line even if it's disconnected. Do you have a Soft Dial Tone on your line? Connect a phone to your landline even though it is disconnected, do you hear a dial tone? If not, there is a very good chance you can use a splitter from the Phone port on your Ooma Hub, connect one to your phone system, and another into any phone line jack in your home to power the phone line that is connected to the intercom system. I cannot guarantee this will work, but there is a good chance that it will.

Do you know if you have access to your phone box? As a home owner I do have access but sometimes apartment complexes do not provide access to that. If you do have access to it, you can disconnect the wires to your apartment to ensure your Ooma Hub will not conflict with anything.

Hopefully someone else with experience in this situation will jump in to share their experience to give you more ideas.

#15900 by smahmoud
Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:15 am
Thank you Scott for your responses. I think the best thing to do (although inconvenient) is to put a separate phone set for the intercom and have it connected directly to the wall outlet.



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