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#14917 by scottlindner
Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:54 am
I was just rearranging some cables and disconnected my UPS from the wall for a couple of seconds. Everything kept running as it should. It is an APC UPS and I have the phone line from the telco going through it for surge suppression before it hits the DSL router. When the UPS lost power it must have disconnected the phone line because I lost Internet connectivity.

Loosing internet means I lose the phone, which is not what I want in the event of a power failure. I can see why APC would disconnect everything in the event of a power outtage. One could assume the outtage is due to electrical storms so disconnecting everything is the safest approach. This isn't what I want for my internet. Should I take the risk that my DSL router might get fried, or find some other inline protection device that probably doesn't come with the warranty?

The reason I'm posting this on the Ooma forum is that my intent with the UPS is not only to keep the equipment protected from electrical problems, but also to keep my communications and other key things running through power failures. What does everyone else do for this situation?

#14922 by murphy
Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:14 am
Some APC UPSs have sockets that are not backed up. They only provide surge protection. They are typically there for laser printers which should never be connected to a protected outlet.
#14932 by scottlindner
Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:59 am
WayneDsr wrote:I was just about to reply that mine did not disconnect when I saw your post. Good thing you tested, now you know.

Exactly. I remember why I did it that way. I've never understood why residential UPS's have so few battery backed outlets. If I wanted a surge suppressing power strip that is what I'd buy. I ran out of battery backed ports for all of the little things like DSL modem, router, Ooma Hub, UHV/VHF power distribution amplified, network switch, and two HD HomeRuns. The combined power consumption is very low for all of these devices, but it's a lot of outlets to feed. I know it's bad practice, but even with a second power strip off the battery backup, I still was one outlet short due to odd power support sizes and shapes. Of all of them I felt my router was the least important because at the time I wanted internal traffic to have precedence such as recording TV shows. That was before I bought Ooma. I forgot to rethink the situation.

I think I need to find a UPS that has 8 battery backed outlets and buy a bunch of those little 1ft 15A extensions so I can fit all of the odd shaped power supplies.

#14934 by southsound
Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:10 am
scottlindner wrote:Crap.
Here I thought I found something interesting. Instead, I reconfirmed that I am an idiot.

Scott, you are being a tad hard on yourself. That said, I think you are in very good company. Each of us can tell tons of stories about similar experiences. Like when I bought a new USB scanner and could not get it to respond to my computer. I called tech support and he asked me if I had turned on the power switch. I replied that there was no switch. Then as I looked towards the back and found a black rocker I told the support technician I'd call back when I felt less embarrassed. :razz:
#14938 by scottlindner
Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:30 am
I agree. I'd like to think I would do some basic investigation before posting. It wasn't until Murphy's post that I realized there was a good possibility that I jumped the gun. I know better, but as you said, all of us have these moments.

Thanks for the post.


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