Ooma Ethernet Cable vs CAT5e Cable

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Re: Ooma Ethernet Cable vs CAT5e Cable

Post by beegee » Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:07 pm

but2002 wrote:Um.. The Wall jack doesn't go to to the computer. the Ooma's HOME port goes to the computer (Or modem) the "Modem" port goes into either the modem or the router depending on your configuration.

The wall jack telephone jack goes into the wall
We are on the same page here, but2002. As I said in my initial post..."I would prefer to use a shielded CAT5e cable to connect between my RJ45 wall jack and the Ooma Hub (modem), and then a second shielded CAT5e cable between the Ooma Hub (home) and my PC's Ethernet RJ45."

The RJ45 wall jack is the Router for me - I am not talking about the WALL jack on the Ooma Hub since it is an RJ11 connector, not an RJ45. :)


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Re: Ooma Ethernet Cable vs CAT5e Cable

Post by scottlindner » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:53 am

beegee wrote:
Aveamantium wrote:Hmmm... You don't happen to have another cable you could test do you? Grasping at straws here I know...
No, and I wish I did.
Aveamantium wrote:
beegee wrote:Unfortunately, I have discovered that the Ooma Hub refuses to work with the shielded CAT5e cables - in short, my Ooma Hub will ONLY work with the Ooma Ethernet Cable.
By the way, which doesn't work (router to ooma or ooma to PC)?
The CAT5 works fine Ooma to PC, but does NOT work router (via an RJ45 wall jack) to Ooma.

I don't know if its relevant, but the CAT5 is twisted pairs - and (as you know) the Ooma Ethernet cable is flat and not twisted pairs. Over time, since it is not twisted pairs, I would think that the Ooma cable would develop capacitive and or inductive reactance problems.

This is bad information. The Ooma provided cable is Cat5e and has twisted pairs. What it doesn't have is the twist around the four pairs that is required for 1Gbps Ethernet to work, but not required for 100Mbps Ethernet to work. The RJ45 connectors on the Ooma cable do not have the stagger pattern to reduce NEXT which is required for 1Gbps Ethernet, but is not required for 100Mbps Ethernet.

What I find irritating is Cat5e can support 1Gbps Ethernet, but if the rest of the cable's design can only support 100Mbps, why bother labeling it Cat5e?

All network cables should work including regular Cat5 and including Cat5e and Cat6. The Ooma cable is no different than any other network cable. If you are having troubles with other cables not working, then it must be a physical limitation with the connector. Maybe there isn't enough space for it to lock in place. A long time ago I bought a bag of RJ45 connectors and they wouldn't fit in most of my devices, and would never lock in place. If I broke the tab off they would work, but obviously would slip right out. It is possible you are having a similar problem with the connectors you are using. I have bought many connectors and some seat just perfect, but many are crappy and don't seat well.


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