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#12999 by southsound
Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:55 am
dmlanger wrote:charging your ipod

Sadly, it won't even do that. From my previous post:
southsound wrote:Right now, it does nothing. I asked Bobby B about using it for memory expansion - possibly for recording calls - and he told me that it would not be in this hardware version. I tried using it to charge my iPod Touch (I know, it seems silly but I had to find out) and it would not. I can only assume that it will continue to do nothing but cause conversation.
#13000 by dmlanger
Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:58 am
(i dont even have an ipod)

I do however have a usb camera connected as a dummy (real security cameras hidden in that room).

I actually wish they would have a video chat interface or usb jump drive (that would act as a backup for the voicemail)
#13003 by southsound
Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:20 am
We actually started talking about the USB port as a way to connect a memory stick so you could record calls. It seemed perfect - but when they designed the hub I guess they just didn't connect the port to anything that could be addressed by future software.

There may be a future for the USB port on the ooma Telo that will be shipping later this year. I stumbled upon the pictures from the company that designed the Telo case - and low and behold, the USB port is still there! Check out the third picture in the article:
#13005 by southsound
Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:31 am
dmlanger wrote:there's a mini usb port on the phone base

Good catch! I didn't even see that one. Who knows what wonderful things lurk in the minds of ooma engineers! :D
#13593 by bissli
Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:58 pm
I assume that the hardware is functional. The device is linux based and all they need is to activate the usb driver module in the kernel and the port can be used for any function from making it a NAS with a usb drive, adding a webcam to making it a print server.

You can add a bluetooth kernel driver and a dongle and that will open up some interesting possibilities for a BT headset and voice dialing.

My guess is that that its there right now for a possible recovery from a bad firmware update with plans to add features in the future.

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