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#12641 by but2002
Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:21 pm
geno_je wrote:
bw1 wrote:Did you try setting QOS to 0 (disabled) on the setup page? Also, are you connecting to the hub?

My DVR (a Panasonic ReplayTV) is connected to the hub through a wall jack (hub supplies dialtone to all jacks in the house). I've set the connection speed to 14,400 kbps and use the *99, setting. I've also turned off QOS on the setup page but I'm not sure that has improved the connection. Even with those settings, it never seems to work when it tries to connect 3 times every night around 3 AM. I have to manually force it to connect and usually have to try up to 10 times to get it to finally complete.

Hopefully, ooma can improve things on their end in the future and I'm using that DVR less and less since it's not HD. I plan to replace it eventually with some kind of HTPC.

I did try the QOS 0 for both upload and download.

I have not tried the tivo connected directly through the hub yet. Right now I have the hub powering the wall jacks, and the tivo is connect through one of the wall jacks. I did try connecting it though the scout without luck.

I don't know the command to slow the tivo modem down further. I have tried dialing prefixs ,#034 and ,#019 as suggested at ... rings.html I had charter (cable) - voip phone before ooma and the TIVO worked fine.
Now that I have ooma, I do receive slight static on the phone sometimes. I was thinking about seeing if radio shack sold some sort of phone filter that is designed clear the static up.

I'm pretty certain that static is what's causing your issues :O

Anyways, it could be older phone wiring through your house that's producing the static. Also, did you disconnect the phone line from the telco box?
#12849 by just4fn
Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:25 pm
long shot. Try putting ,,*99, in front of the prefix. this will allow the ooma dialtone to be gone. I dont know if it will matter since it is starting with the *99, anyway. Just a try

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