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#111580 by nuprin
Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:53 am
Has anyone been able to successfully port from a T-mobile prepaid account to Ooma? I'm told that it can't be done because T-mobile has no Customer Record available on prepaid accounts. So I contacted T-mobile and they said they can in fact "verify" customers on prepaid accounts. So unless there is a technical reason for this not being possible, I don't understand why Ooma tells me they can't "verify" my customer record with T-mobile. I've provided them my account number and PIN, which is all you need when contacting T-mobile (no SSN is used on prepaid accounts).

Anyone with any advice on how to proceed with this? Other than switching to a postpaid account, which will cost me additional time and money, I don't see why Ooma can't "verify" me.
#111595 by lbmofo
Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:28 pm
You probably haven't talked to the right person in Ooma porting dept yet.

Account number
Name of the account holder
Billing address
PIN or password (if applicable but in your case very applicable)

Above info should be all that is needed (whther Ooma uses it all is a different story).

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