AT&T Transition

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AT&T Transition

Post by Journey » Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:40 pm

So, I followed all the directions of Ooma to activate its service. Then, as per the Ooma instructions, go to its site to activate porting. 3/4ths of the way into the procedures, it explains that my existing AT&T phone/internet service must be either a "stand alone or dry loop system" for connection to Ooma- can't continue the porting without confirming that one of the two systems exists (this is only after already activating Ooma). So I call AT&T. I inform them that I am switching to Ooma who advises me I need either a "stand alone or dry loop" system. AT&T informs me that to accomplish this task requires a service technician appointment. This appointment will take a week to schedule, but yes, they can provide a separate line - with a new internet phone # account - to separate my phone/internet system. However, if and when when I cancel my phone line, the number cannot be "ported" - it is gone.
So, the dilemma - cancel AT&T phone/internet service (which makes the Ooma obsolete due to no internet access) or continue my dual AT&T service in conjunction with the number provided by Ooma.
I am pissed because I have activated my Ooma and subsequently find out I cannot port my existing phone number without jumping through hoops with AT&T. I read and reread every bit of preliminary information provided by Ooma and nowhere, until after activation, did they provide me with an explanation that a "stand alone or dry loop" DSL was required to make Ooma's "porting of my existing #" functional. Now I am sitting here with an activated Ooma, with a Ooma provided phone # and my AT&T service with my existing phone # + DSL service.
Bottom line: I have activated Ooma and cannot utilize a "ported" requirement until such time as AT&T can perform a service call to install a separate line, make sure the internet is active and separate it from my land-line phone #. I can utilize Ooma in the interim with their provide phone # and waste the Ooma Premiere trial period awaiting AT&T service. Once AT&T separated the two systems, it is not clear whether I can port the # or not.

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Re: AT&T Transition

Post by lbmofo » Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:22 pm

I would just go ahead and port your number into Ooma. Once port completes, your DSL service may go away. At that point, you can call AT&T (using your cell) to have them turn on your DSL service again. No tech needed. Turnaround depends on how upset you get on the phone. No reason they can't turn your DSL service back on the same day.
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