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#108554 by holmes4
Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:15 pm
I tried to use the Support Chat to report this, but it instantly tells me "Disconnected". Ah well.

Happy day! I got an email from Ooma telling me that my number port will be completed "tomorrow" (though it also said the 10th, which is the day after tomorrow - whatever.)

Anyway, the email has this paragraph:

Got questions? You may contact our customer support team by visiting us online at We also recommend that you review our number porting articles in the Ooma Knowledgebase.

with the links as shown here. The problem is that both links are broken - they seem to refer to some older system of articles that isn't used anymore. It looks as if "support" should replace "knowledgebase" in the URLs.

Is there a better way to bring this to Ooma's attention?

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