Printable Invoice

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Printable Invoice

Post by u863583 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:08 am

How can I get a real invoice for services or items I purchase on the OOMA website. The billing history is not an invoice and would not meet my needs. Also, simply having an item on a credit card statement will not work as well. I work from home and submit expenses to my employer. A real invoice is required and this is not something I am seeing on the OOMA site. Also, when I have purchased items in the past, I do not even get an email confirmation in some cases. Am I missing a location on the web site that allows for this? This seems like a very basic requirement for a site like this.



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Re: Printable Invoice

Post by pjmaruk » Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:06 am

I concur with Manny. I would like to see a better formatted "printable billing invoice" similar to that of other businesses supply to their customers (as I even provide to my customers and retain for tax purposes). As of now, I go to My Ooma Dashboard > Account > Billing History and get an "Invoice Information" upon clicking the "View Details" for that Date of the Invoice and that invoice contains very little information (invoice #, date, and billed services), the invoice does not identify the customer, the business with contact/address info and when I want to print this "invoice" it is a layered invoice with the "Invoice Information" printed on top of the Billing History - creating a very messy "invoice." Very troubling Ooma. I have included an attachment of the printable invoice from my Ooma account.
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