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#107795 by bravesirrobbin
Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:38 pm
I've been using Ooma for a few weeks now and am starting to really like it. One thing I have noticed happening over the last few days is I've been getting false readings into my NetCallerID device, which then triggers HomeSeer to announce 'Call from Unknown' (the phone hasn't even rung).

Link to NetCallerID:

To explain my setup, I have an Ooma Telo device connected to an internet connection in my family room and an Ooma Linx unit plugged into a Den outlet.

I have the NetCallerID box plugged into the phone output of the Linx and HomeSeer then talks with the NetCallerID device via a serial connection (just like it did with my previous land line).

I also have my cell phone linked to the Telo via BlueTooth that adapter. Basically this lets the caller ID information from a call I receive onmy cell go to the Telo, which goes to the Linx, which gos to the NetCallerID unit, which then gets announced via HomeSeer (really cool actually!).

The false caller ID logs showing up in HomeSeer have the following text:
Date://2013 Name: -msg Off- Number:

The phone never rings and nothing is shown in the Ooma logs showing that a call has been received.

It seems like the Ooma Telo unit is broadcasting some sort of status of 'something' somehow (other than a received phone call). I tried disabling the BlueTooth from my cell (un-linking it from the Telo device) to eliminate that as a source and it still continued).

Has anyone else experienced this?
#107816 by mike_b
Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:51 pm
I also use NetCallerID with HomeSeer and Ooma. I have not seen the false caller ID that you describe. My configuration is a bit different as I do not use BlueTooth or the Linx. I have the Telo connected to the NetCallerID box, which is connected to an Edgeport Serial-to-USB adapter, which is connected to my HomeSeer computer. HomeSeer sends the correct caller ID information to my TV and BetaBrite LED sign.
#107842 by mike_b
Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:46 pm
HomeSeer is home automation software. It can control household lights, thermostats, door locks, irrigation systems and more. HomeSeer can also receive signals from sensors such as weather stations, security systems, phone systems, remote control transmitters, motion sensors, door/window sensors, water sensors and more.

My household lights, irrigation system, security system, SageTV DVR system, weather station and Ooma Telo are all integrated with HomeSeer. For example, rainfall is recorded by my weather station and recorded in HomeSeer. If there is sufficient rainfall, HomeSeer will not turn on the irrigation system. At night when I go to bed, I don't walk around the house turning lights off, I just push a remote control button on my nightstand that tells HomeSeer to turn off all of the lights. When I go to work each day, I push a button by the garage door that turns the lights off, turns down the thermostat and turns on the security system. The configuration options are endless.

There are many third-party plugins available for HomeSeer to expand its use. There are plugins that can send messages to speaker systems, LED signs and TV's. I use a plugin called InControl that integrates HomeSeer with my SageTV DVR system. Household lights and other devices can be controlled through a menu on the TV. Messages can be received on the TV. For example, an alert is displayed on the TV and LED sign 15 minutes before the irrigation system waters the lawn. This gives me time to let the dog out before the grass is wet. Weather alerts are displayed on the TV. Caller ID information from the Ooma Telo is displayed on the TV and LED sign.

HomeSeer is lots of fun and a great hobby. It can do more than I can describe here. A Google search for HomeSeer will point you to the web site for more information.
#108841 by bravesirrobbin
Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:27 am
I also use HomeSeer with the NetCallerID unit. Turns out the Ooma message waiting (notification of a voice mail) seems to be the reason for these false caller ID messages. I can easily fix this from happening with my VB script if I want.

If you want to get into Home Automation by the way you should visit (shameless self plug). ;)

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