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#107562 by bobbyb626
Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:53 pm
Scenario: Inbound call from blocked number displays "Out of Area" on telephone device. If inbound caller from blocked number leaves a voicemail message, the OomaVoiceMailNotify provides the blocked number in the subject line and uses the number as the name of the message .wav file.

I read somewhere that ALL calls are transmitted with a number - even those that are "blocked." I guess that's how blocked numbers can be seen by some call centers including emergency services.

Unfortunately, the Ooma support tech I chatted with online was unaware that the voicemail message subject line and wav file both included the blocked number.

Questions: If the Ooma device is actually able to obtain the "blocked" number info and use it in the voicemail message, why can't it display the number on the telephone device - especially if the blocked number is in my Ooma Contacts list?

Many thanks -

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