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#105556 by harryy300
Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:12 pm
I was right!!!!! I said Ooma want's me out!!!! I just received the letter below from Ooma and being one of the earliest customers and having all kinds of problems with the hub I felt they were trying to ger rid of me and all the earliest customers because we are not require to pay the applicable taxes and fees in your area..........But if we upgrade we will...So I guess I will be deleted soon.... :-(

from ooma:
As a Hub owner and one of our earliest customers, we’d like to thank you for your support with a special offer that will upgrade you to our latest technology. For a limited time, you can upgrade to an Ooma Telo for just $99.99, plus free shipping. If you need to replace an Ooma Scout device in your home, you can add an Ooma Linx device for just $30 more.
When you upgrade to the Telo you will transition to our latest terms and conditions, which will require you to pay the applicable taxes and fees in your area. In return, you will receive our lowest price ever on an Ooma Telo and all of the benefits that come from upgrading:
• Improved call reliability with PureVoice™ technology
• Hear the difference of HD Voice when you talk to other Ooma Telo and Ooma Mobile users
• Take advantage of Telo-only features like personal caller-ID with Contact Lists
In addition, the Ooma Telo supports a wide-range of accessories to further extend its capabilities:
• Link your cell phone to your home phone with the Bluetooth Adapter
• Enjoy smartphone features on your home phone with the optional HD2 Handset
• Connect additional phones and fax machines quickly and easily with the wireless Linx device
Take advantage of this limited time offer before Feb 15th to upgrade now and enjoy the newest technology by calling us at 1-866-452-6662. But don’t wait, this offer won’t last forever!
#105557 by southsound
Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:49 pm
Not sure why you feel this email means that ooma wants you out. And it is a really impossible stretch to say that you will be deleted soon. Several years ago I bought a Toyota Camry. Even though I traded the car for a Honda Civic Hybrid and later a Toyota Prius, I still get letters from that dealer telling me they love me as a customer and would like me to trade my (now gone) Camry on a new Toyota. It is just marketing. Ooma would love to sell you a new Telo and is offering one heck of a price to help you make the decision. If you do, of course they win - they no longer have to absorb the taxes and fees, they get so sell some hardware, and it means one less legacy device to support. And you also win - the Telo and new HD2 handsets are great!

However... nowhere does the email say that you NEED to make the move - anymore than my old Toyota dealer is going to somehow deactivate my Camry unless I buy something newer. I still love and use my hub. Although I also have a Telo, the hub ain't goin' away. Just sayin... :P
#105558 by roadshow
Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:15 am
I received the same letter.
Ooma will have to "pry my Hub from my cold dead hands" to get mine. LOL.

Seriously, I would actually consider this offer if Ooma made a device that "really" worked like a Scout. I use my scout as an answering machine. It's in my kitchen, and I see it's big red button blinking when I have a voicemail. I can just push the play button and listen to my message over the speaker (just like an answering machine). The Linx can't do that. I'm surprised that Ooma didn't incorperate that feature in to the Linx.

I'm keeping my Hub for now.
#105559 by billcove
Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:50 am
Also just received this notice. I left Packet 8 for ooma many years ago and have been very happy. I can see no advantage to changing or to upgrade to the telo system. The call quality is the same to my ears and I dropped the premier right after the free trial and found that I did not need any those services. The price to upgrade? $99.00 is not a deal---as I write this there was a ad for a new telo for $89.00 ! and I believe the prices will go down further. As long as the system works why change for only from what I have read is a marginal upgrade! Come on ooma show support for those first customers that put you into business.If you want all the old devices gone you have to offer something much better than telo or at least make the price much lower than what can be found on the internet, I am sure I can find telo lower than $89.00 if I really searched !
#105592 by xing68
Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:35 pm
I got the same letter, I don't think they will cut us now, they will do it slowly. But when that day finally comes, I will ask them to refund my money for the hub, since they promised I will never need to pay any more money to get service from them.
And then I will switch to my google voice account completely.
#105597 by lbmofo
Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:56 pm
xing68 wrote:I got the same letter, I don't think they will cut us now, they will do it slowly. But when that day finally comes

Welcome to the forum. I don't think you'll ever see that day. Your Hub will die eventually.
#105623 by syxbit
Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:10 pm
would gladly pay $99 to upgrade to the Ooma Telo, but not if I am changed to the latest terms and conditions. I understand that ooma would like people to pay a monthly fee, but they must understand that the main reason many people bought the original Ooma was precisely because there was no monthly fee.
#105631 by wgrose
Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:15 pm
I just got the same email...

What happens if the Hub dies? Are we then forced to "upgrade" our device and sign new terms and condition at that point?
#105632 by southsound
Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:08 pm
wgrose wrote:I just got the same email...

What happens if the Hub dies? Are we then forced to "upgrade" our device and sign new terms and condition at that point?

Not at all. You are free to pay exorbitant fees to your local utility, opt for a bundle (make sure it includes the puppy), or migrate to your cell phone as many have done. Ooma does not force you to do anything. We do have choices. We don't HAVE to use ooma. But I have to say it is a really great service that has saved me a lot of money. Just sayin... YMMV.
#105643 by bdot
Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:29 am
From what I read in the letter they sent me, they are not saying they are forcing you to stop using the Hub. They said they would stop doing upgrades for it (which I thought they stopped doing years ago) and would provide limited support.
Given that the service is free, I don't see that as a problem.

Now it's true that somewhere down the road it might not work with some upgrade they do to the network. Who knows.

Since I don't own a cell phone, don't own a wireless computer, don't have multiple people in the house, and don't have some touch screen doodad; I don't have any need for anything other than the Hub. I think I made/received only 6 calls all of last year.

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