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#105307 by Hollywood
Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:24 am
I just bought a OBI110 to connect to my Google Voice number. It seems to work great, the only down side is it does not support 911, and callerID NAME.

I have Ooma Basic with just one phone number that feeds my Panasonic cordless phones.

Now the OBI110 has a line port which I now feed into it from Ooma phone signal, and it also supports 1 or 2 Google Voice numbers. My phones now accept calls from from either the Ooma or GV. I can set the OBI to dial out from either number, but it defaults to routing 911 calls to the Line output (Ooma, perfect!).

What I am asking is, if I decide to port my Ooma number to GV (I understand I need to port to a mobile carrier SIM card first), what happens to my Ooma account. I don't want to cancel Ooma, I just want to port my number to GV and then pick another local number for Ooma to use for a second line and 911.

My understanding is when a port is complete, the old service is automatically discontinued. Has anyone had experience doing this with Ooma? My only other though would be is to signup with premier for a month and get a 2nd number first, but hope I don't need to do that.

Thanks for any help!

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